YouTube Music gets rid of the ‘dislike’ button

At this point, it seems that YouTube is against the notion of “dislikes”. After getting rid of the “dislike” counter on YouTube proper last year, the company seems to be turning toward its music streaming service. YouTube Music is bringing an update that will get rid of the “dislike” button.

In all honesty, we don’t really utilize the “dislike” button on YouTube Music as much as we do on YouTube. This makes sense, as we tend to interact directly with individual videos. However, we blow through songs one after another on YouTube Music.

YouTube Music removes the “dislike” button through an update

This news comes to us from 9To5Google. YouTube Music is going to roll out a new update that will bring a few UI changes. One change will be the removal of the “dislike” button.

Just like with YouTube, you have the ability to “like” and “dislike” a track. A lot of the time, we actually forget that we have these options. So, this feature might not be as missed as the “dislike” counter on YouTube.

This is part of a bigger UI change

The update also brings a subtle redesign of the now-playing interface. Previously, when looking at a track for a song, you would see the “dislike” button on the left side of the song title with the “like” button on the right. With the update, the title and “like” button will be moved to the left a bit.

Next to the “like” button, we see the three-dot menu. That was previously on the top right of the UI. After the update, the casting button will be placed on the upper right of the screen.

The track control options will be moved slightly lower on the screen, while the progress bar will be a bit slightly higher- but not by much. The play/pause button will have inverted colors with the icon being colored and the circle being white. The album art has will move up slightly, and the album’s name will sit on the left side of the screen.

This isn’t a major redesign, nor does it add much to the overall aesthetic. However, it seems that YouTube is looking to make the interface just a little bit easier to navigate. It’s easier to access the three-dot menu, and getting to the casting option is quicker.

This update is gradually rolling out, so if you don’t see it on your phone, don’t worry. The app update will make it to your phone eventually.

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