World News | New Jeans’ Danielle Named Global Ambassador of Luxury Brand

Seoul [South Korea], January 9 (ANI/Global Economic): K-pop rookie group New Jeans’ member Danielle has been selected as a global ambassador of the luxury brand Burberry.

On the 6th, her agency ADOR released a photo of Danielle wearing Burberry’s 2023 spring/summer-free collection.

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In the photo, Danielle wears jeans and holds a black mini bag.

New Jeans made a comeback with their single album “OMG” on Jan. 2, five months after their debut. As soon as the song was released, it topped various music charts. In addition, the music video for “OMG” hit 11.06 million views on YouTube in four days.

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The pre-released song “Ditto” also topped Melon and Bugs’ music charts shortly after its release in December. (ANI/Global Economic)

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