World News | India is an Interesting Destination for Tourism and Investment: Egyptian Minister Sherine ElSharkawy

Kolkata (West Bengal) [India], January 10 (ANI): Egypt’s Deputy Minister of Finance for Economic Affairs Sherine ElSharkawy has called India an interesting destination both for ‘tourism and investment’.

She stressed that India has a lot of opportunities, especially in the information technology sector.

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“India is an interesting destination both for tourism because of the different cultures and also for investment. There is a lot of business, there is a lot of opportunities, especially in the IT sector,” Sherine El Sharkawy said while speaking to ANI.

She made the remarks during the cultural program and dinner organized for the G20 delegates on the cruise ship ‘The Bengal Paddle’ in Kolkata.

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In an interview with ANI, Sherine ElSharkawy said that she is “really impressed” with India as it has invited countries who are not part of the G20 to share their views and concerns with other countries.

Egypt’s Deputy Minister of Finance for Economic Affairs Sherine ElSharkawy called the working groups meetings held under India’s G20 presidency “very useful.”

Notably, India assumed the G20 presidency on December 1.

“I’m really impressed with how it is dealt with. India has invited many countries not part of G20 to provide their input and to listen to the concerns of other countries,” Sherine ElSharkawy said.

“All the working groups that I have attended are very useful and are helping that discussions and ideas back and forth between the members and non-members. All the topics are very well chosen and very important for the current economic environment,” she added.

Calling the ties between India and Egypt “very strong”, Sherine ElSharkawy said both nations are alike as individuals. Speaking to ANI, She said, “We are a lot alike actually as individuals with a culture, with a like of food and music and religion. All this is very diverse and we have a lot of discussions going on for cooperation between India and Egypt.”

In response to a question, if she will again visit India, Sherine ElSharkawy responded, “Yes, definitely I will. I look forward to that.” She stated that she attended the G20 meeting held in Bengaluru and will again visit India to attend meetings in a month or so.

Sherine ElSharkawy called the cultural program on the cruise ship and the hospitality in Kolkata “amazing.” Expressing views regarding exhibitions, Egyptian Minister said, “the exhibitions were really very interesting. It showcased how much India has progressed and how much they have done. I found the exhibitions very useful.”

“The whole atmosphere is very welcoming. In Egypt, we have the river nile, which reminds me of home with a taste of Indian culture. I am really grateful for this opportunity,” Sherine ElSharkawy said. (ANI)

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