Slam Jam Unveils Tokyo Pop-Up

Slam Jam has headed to Tokyo to reveal its latest pop-up experience. In partnership with longtime collaborator, ILL-STUDIO, the pop-up merges the planes of music, art and design.

Located in Harajuku, the pop-up takes place at the Stand By, which boasts a strikingly utilitarian design. What also makes the pop-up special is its presentation of the second and final edition of the ADDPMP Vol II [501-999]. ‘A MEMORY OF SOMETHING THAT NEVER EXISTED’ project. Comprised of sound, video and design pieces, the project takes a look at the relationship between humanity’s existence and efforts through time and space. Also seen throughout the space are furniture pieces from Soft Baroque and Ikebana by Haraku Hirata. 

Alongside the presentation, Slam Jam is set to restock its Nike Air Force 1 collaboration in a ‘Tokyo exclusive’ colorway with additional merchandise. Yesterday, British artist Blackhaine performed at the pop-up and Rezzett is set to perform today.

Slam Jam’s Tokyo pop-up is open now through Sunday, March 19. Take a closer look at the pop-up in the gallery above.

In other news, Okane is the emerging menswear label building more than moments. 

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