Shania Twain: When does new music drop? When is the 2023 tour?

Country star Shania Twain has opened up about contracting pneumonia and COVID-19 — a health scare that has inspired new music.

Shania Twain reflects on bout with pneumonia, COVID-19

During the height of the pandemic, Twain was staying in a home in Lake Geneva, Switzerland, when her respiratory symptoms took a turn for the worse and the singer ultimately had to be “air evacuated,” she recently told The Mirror.

Prior to coordinating the airlift, Twain’s husband, Frederic Thiebaud, had been “freaking out,” Twain said, trying to find a bed at a nearby hospital while also monitoring Twain’s condition, People reported.

“He spent hours and hours every day on the phone, trying to get an air evacuation coordinated, trying to get a bed lined up, as there were none, checking my vital signs,” Twain told The Mirror. “It was just a real nightmare for him.”

Despite her condition, Twain said she vividly remembers the airlift to the hospital.

“It was like science fiction — I felt like I was going to another planet or something,” she told The Mirror. “It all kind of happened in slow motion.”

At the hospital, Twain, 57, was treated with plasma therapy and began her recovery, per People.

“I thought, ‘Wow, if I was living alone in a more isolated scenario, I don’t know what would have happened,’” Twain told The Mirror. “My heart goes out to people who don’t have that support to help them get the right care.”

How COVID-19 inspired Shania Twain’s new ‘Queen of Me’ music

Twain releases her sixth studio album, “Queen of Me,” Feb. 3 — and at least one song was inspired by her health scare, Yahoo! Life reported.

Inhale/Exhale Air” is “a song of gratitude and appreciation,” Twain told The Mirror. “I was inspired that I still had air in my lungs.”

The singer is getting ready to go on on tour in support of her new music. The tour runs April 15 through Nov. 14 and travels throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe — including a May 24 stop at USANA Amphitheatre in West Valley City.

Twain doesn’t visit Utah too often — she performed in Salt Lake City in 2003 and at the then-EnergySolutions Arena in 2015, the Deseret News previously reported.

Shania Twain ‘Not Just a Girl’ documentary

It’s been a busy time for Twain. Last year, the documentary “Not Just a Girl” hit Netflix, detailing Twain’s struggle with Lyme disease — stemming from a tick bite she got while riding a horse in 2003, the Deseret News reported.

“My voice was never the same again,” she said in the documentary, per Deseret News. “I thought I’d lost my voice forever. I thought that was it; I would never, ever sing again.”

Due to her chronic sickness with Lyme disease, Twain ended up undergoing physical therapy and throat surgeries to help recover her ability to sing. Twain recently starred as Mrs. Potts in a live-action reimagining of “Beauty and the Beast,” the Deseret News reported, and now, she is preparing for several months on the road.

“It’s great to be just singing again, on a tour with my new voice after my surgery. I’m in a very celebratory state of mind,” Twain recently told The Mirror, adding that her voice has “more rasp” now.

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