Pote Baby, Club Hous Works panel on music and technology to close 2023 GRIT Conference

The Club Hous Works trio is set to speak on how they are building their indie multimedia company, breaking into the entertainment industry, and where they see the future of music technology heading.

Credit: Courtesy of Club Hous Works

Credit: Courtesy of Club Hous Works

Pote Baby is a Savannah-born and raised creative and a partner in Club Hous Works. His music has amassed over seven million streams across platforms and is regarded as a great show of his creativity and versatility by Pigeons & Planes and other outlets. Pote Baby has performed on festival lineups such as Day N Vegas Festival and A3C Festival as well as on tour with Earthgang in 2022.

Pote Baby’s creative vision is to bridge the gap between Savannah and the global entertainment world by opening up recording studios, live performance venues, art spaces, and movie theatres in Savannah and bringing brands to his city through partnerships.

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Slater is the founding partner of Club Hous Works, a company he started in 2019 along with managing Pote Baby. Together with Pote Baby, he has quickly scaled the business through a partnership with music technology company Soundcloud. Slater started his career as a music video director and photographer, which led him to become a film producer and graphic designer for artists and labels like Wiz Khalifa, Epic Records, Lil Yachty, Sony, and 21 Savage.

After working on countless projects, he founded a marketing agency with two partners that quickly scaled to over a dozen full-time employees that bolstered a roster of clients such as ForbesBooks, Spotify, Ryder, and Emory University.

Noel is the head of Club Hous Media and works with his team to develop and launch engaging podcasts, video content series, and branded content. As a partner of Club Hous Works, Noel oversees operations and finance for all verticals. He has served as a management consultant focused on brand and process with experience informing go-to-market plans, early-stage company growth strategies, and global brand creative executions.

He’s partnered with more than 50 organizations, including the RIP-IT Sports, American Cancer Society, Ogilvy and Mather, SoundCloud, Goodwill, and Blue Cross Blue Shield, to design strategic recommendations that meet organizational objectives.

The “Gettin’ On: The Intersection of Music, Media, and Tech” session will be moderated by Zach Dennis. Dennis is the arts and entertainment editor for the Savannah Morning News and Do Savannah. He’s worked for nearly a decade on the multimedia side of the newspaper industry and has been in Savannah since 2016.

“Creative Coast is thrilled to host the GRIT Conference live and in person this year. The last few years made us really appreciate where we live and the community that we serve, so this year’s GRIT conference is our love letter to the intriguing people and cool companies in the region. Our theme is ‘Hidden Gems’ — so we are highlighting people (and companies) with deep ties to the region, that are trailblazing in their industries — from food, to retail, to tech, to gaming, to indie music, etc.,” said Jennifer Bonnett, executive director of The Creative Coast.

Early Bird tickets for the GRIT Conference are available for $99 through Jan. 20. Starting Jan. 21, the ticket price will be $199. Learn more about this fireside chat and get tickets to the GRIT Conference at thegritconference.com.

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