Letter: Lima is great for musicians, music lovers

Lima is a great place for musicians. We have some outstanding music stores that go above and beyond. Rettig Music and Goodwin Music are staples in our community, and the staff never disappoints!

For musicians, motivation is the tricky part. It always seems to disappear when you need it most. When this happens, I recommend buying some gear! If you’re not a musician but are interested in learning, both Rettig and Goodwin have some incredibly talented teachers who, I’m certain, would be thrilled to introduce you to the art.

Maybe listening to music is more your thing. If that’s the case, then you couldn’t ask for a better spot than Groamy’s. It really is a hidden gem in Lima! With as stressful as the world is today, music can be the perfect way to ease your mind of worry.

Ben Hough


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