Paul Rudd agreed to appear in Claud’s music video


Paul Rudd agreed to appear in Claud’s music video after an encounter at a Taylor Swift concert.

In a TikTok video titled How I Got Paul Rudd to Make a Cameo in My Music Video, the indie singer-songwriter explained that he approached the Ant-Man actor in the VIP area at the concert and told him there was a song on his album named Paul Rudd.

“He was so nice about it and he gave me his email and was like, ‘Send it to me. I’d love to hear your album,'” they continued, noting that they “can’t believe” the Clueless actor trusted them with the information.

After listening to Claud’s album Supermodels, Rudd emailed the musician and told them he “loved the record” and Claud replied asking if the Marvel star would consider being in the music video for A Good Thing – and Rudd said yes.

“He came for the whole entire day,” Claud explained in their TikTok, reports People. “He stayed for like five hours, and we shot that whole scene and danced outside… It was the best day of my life.”

Before the music starts in the video, Rudd plays a bumbling mailman who delivers a parcel to Claud’s door and has a conservation. After the song begins, Claud spends most of the video alone, however, Rudd appears briefly again to dance down the street with the singer.

The music video premiered over the weekend to coincide with the release of Supermodels.

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I don’t mind going supernatural with music: Tushar


Express News Service

Western and Indian classical tunes have often been met in various fusion projects by many artistes. But it may never have been done in a fashion where familiar tunes of Hollywood’s most popular background scores or songs meet the soul-soothing tunes of the Indian classical instruments. This is how young composer Tushar Lall had started out. After leading The Indian Jam Project (TIJP) on YouTube for all these years, and some majestic original pieces like Sifar, Lall made his debut in Bollywood with Brahmastra.

He has now produced yet another striking song with a unique flavour, called Quaid, for the Randeep Hooda-starrer Sergeant. We sit down for an exclusive chat with the young musician and learn more about the song and his work in multiple documentaries.

Tell us about your song, Quaid. What is it about?

Sergeant is essentially a film about  this  individual who’s really troubled. He went through a lot in life and is not able to operate in the same capacity that he used to, because of some impediments. So, Quaid is a song that represents that helplessness and how he’s shackled by his own circumstances. Additionally, the director picked a very interesting route, when he told me ‘Why don’t we make this a dark jazz song?’ It’s not like the quintessential sad song, though. 

You have also composed scores for Dancing On The Grave (DOTG). What are the things you need to keep in mind when you score for such projects?

With a docu-series or documentary, I think  the  narrative  and the talking heads are very important. But even though I’m new to this, and don’t fully know the difference yet, what I’ve understood so far is that in a film, you have to make visuals evocative, and you can do it in a way which is a little unbound. Music and visuals go hand-in-hand. 

You are also associated with James Bond through another documentary, The Sound of 007. How different was it to work on this project?

DOTG is a beautiful show that Patrick Graham (director), Ankit Gupta, and Chandni Ahlawat Dabas (the creative producers) have made. As the music composer for the show, I understood there are two things that needed to be done there. One, to show crumbling aristocracy, and then there is an underprivileged sociopathic side. So we needed a score, which catered to both. With The Sound of 007, it was an insane honour. You have artistes like Hans Zimmer, Billie Eilish, and FINNEAS talking here! I was scared initially, thinking ‘What value addition can I make?’ We represented the Indian legacy of James Bond music, and representing India within such a context felt very cool.

How did it feel to take TIJP to a live audience at the NMACC?

It was really exciting. More so because it was genuinely better than all the venues we played at. I’ve seen Broadway in New York, and after seeing the Sound of Music musical here, I couldn’t draw any differences between the two. Tiny things, like the green rooms, the structure of the tech alley, the console — they have done an insane job with the venue. 
You were very clear early on in your life that you wanted to pursue music. What about the field called out to you?

Music has such power over me. I really believe that it’s floating somewhere in the cosmos and when you play something, let it flow through you, and it will come onto your instruments. In every other thing in my life, I’m very theoretical, but this is the one thing where I really don’t mind going supernatural.

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Entertainment News | Ranveer Singh Flaunts


Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], July 17 (ANI): Actor Ranveer Singh is currently busy promoting his upcoming romantic film ‘Rocky aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’.

Amid promotions, the ‘Ram-Leela’ actor shared a new shirtless picture on his stories and captioned it, “Hai bebz. Rocky Randhawa this side #MondayMotivashiun. #RRKPK.”

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In the mirror selfie, Ranveer Singh could be seen flaunting his chiseled and donning a pair of black denim which he left unbuttoned, and added funky shades to his look. He accessorised his look with a golden bracelet and a pair of diamond stud earrings.

Helmed by Karan Johar, the film also stars Alia Bhatt, Dharmendra, Jaya Bachchan and Shabana Azmi in the lead roles and is set to hit the theatres on July 28.

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Recently the makers unveiled the songs ‘What Jhumka’ and ‘Tum Kya Mile’ and the official trailer of the film which received massive responses from the audience.

The trailer took us into the lives of Rocky Randhawa and Rani Chatterjee, whose lifestyles are diametrically opposed. While Rocky is a Punjabi lad from a wealthy Punjabi family, Rani comes from a Bengali household where knowledge and intelligence are valued above all else. And they fall in love but soon the couple realizes that their families don’t like each other. Then Rocky and Rani decide to ‘Switch’ and live with each other families to impress them.

‘Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani’ promises to be a wholesome, big-screen entertainer, blending Johar’s storytelling finesse with an impressive ensemble cast, grandeur and music. There were also many scenes of the two romancings and fighting, celebrating all kinds of festivals with their families, and possibly a wedding.

‘RRKPK’ marks Karan’s return to director’s chair after over six years. (ANI)

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Playback singer Maalavika Sundar speaks about need


Express News Service

BENGALURU:   After nearly four years, playback singer and classical musician Maalavika Sundar is returning to the city early next month. The 35-year-old, known for her melodic carnatic and fusion numbers, will be headlining the upcoming Bengaluru Poetry Festival, organised by Atta Galatta at Grand Mercure, Gopalan Signature Mall, on Old Madras Road.

“I’m really looking forward to performing in the city. I have a lot of people who admire my music there, and I’ve been getting a lot of requests to come there and perform,” says Sundar expressing her excitement about her much-awaited performance. 

Her first public performance in the city in at least four years promises to be a blend of musical styles, featuring a medley of original compositions, her signature classical fusion, and popular commercial numbers, spanning multiple languages, including Hindi, Punjabi, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, and Malayalam. “It’s gonna be a mix of everything,” Sundar adds. 

Despite not being an avid reader of poetry, Sundar appreciates the simple beauty of the art form. “For me, poetry is all about stories. So when I hear a poem, I always reach out to my grandparents and ask them to explain the story behind it. Recently, I heard the Tamil poet Bharatiyar’s Kuyil Pattu and the story was just fascinating. Bharatiyar has inspired me to write,” she says. 

Having first come to the fore in the early 2010s with her performances on the reality singing show Super Singer, Sundar has gone on to establish herself as a sought-after playback singer in South Indian film industries. But despite mastering classical Carnatic style from a young age, Sundar wasn’t exposed to mainstream film music until after her debut on Super Singer.

“I hadn’t heard any film songs until then. D Imam sir called me after watching one of my performances on Super Singer, and he thought my voice would be perfect for a folk song he’d been working on. Dang Dang (from 2014’s Manam Kothi Paravai) actually helped me reach every nook and corner of Tamil Nadu,” she says, adding that people would refer to her as Dang Dang Maalavika for a long time after that. 

So how did her experimentation with fusion music come about? “When I used to go on tours earlier, I would see a lot of older people in the audience, and if there were a few younger ones, they’d usually be students of music. I think a lot of younger generations these days aren’t interested in Carnatic music. Even if I don’t know anything about the genres, I would still go to rock or jazz concerts.

I think the younger generation should experiment, even if they don’t necessarily know the language or the kind of music it is. So I thought maybe if I make my music sound different, in a way that would appeal to the younger generations, then I could get them to take an interest in Carnatic music. So I started doing Carnatic Fusion, incorporating classical songs with a hybrid set of percussion. And when we started to perform, there was a lot of appreciation for that,” Sundar explains. 

Currently, Sundar is working on a few original compositions, collaborating with artists like MS Krishna. Several other projects, including commercial tracks in Tamil and Malayalam, are also in the pipeline.

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‘There is no original composer or writer for


‘There is no original composer or writer for Jhumka Gira Re,’ says musicologist Pavan Jha – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News – The News Motion

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Sonic 3’s Music Theory


Sonic 3’s Music Theory

Incredible analysis of classic game soundtrack:      14/07/23

For video games fans, music of Sonic the hedgehog is some of the most iconic. And the lore behind the music of Sonic 3 in particular (and Michael Jackson’s involvement / influence) has been covered in detail at length. In this video, it’s more about the music theory behind the soundtrack, and never before has someone gone so deep on the game – as well as music for many other classic games including Mario, Zelda, and more.

Here he takes a look at one of the multiplayer levels and how it resonates throughout the series. 

More from Alex Yard & Knuckles: https://www.youtube.com/@alexyardknuckles4379


About the author [midierror]: midierror makes nifty Max For Live devices, innovative music hardware, award winning sample packs and hosts a podcast speaking to people in the music world.

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Sen. Arthur Vandeberg, July 5, 1929.

Arthur Vandenberg, U.S. senator and champion of


Our staff amassed a list of the 150 Michiganians who most affected the news, history and our lives − for better or worse − in the 150 years of The Detroit News, ranked from 150 to 1 (Read the FAQ on our selection process here). Here are our picks, one a day through our birthday on Aug. 23.

39: Arthur Vandenberg, U.S. senator and champion of the United Nations (1884-1951)

Sen. Arthur Vandeberg, July 5, 1929.

The word statesman must have been created to describe Michigan Sen. Arthur Vandenberg. A biography described him as “the man in the middle of the 20th century,” and that’s an accurate summation of his career. The Republican served Michigan in the Senate from 1928 to 1951. He is best known for leading the effort to create the United Nations in Congress. He also gave critical backing to the Cold War, the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan and NATO. Born and raised in Grand Rapids, Vandenberg started his career as a newspaper publisher. He was appointed to the Senate by Gov. Fred Green upon the death of Sen. Woodbridge Ferris. He initially opposed America’s involvement in World War II but became a key figure in leading the Republican Party from isolationism to international engagement, famously saying “politics stops at the water’s edge.” Vandenberg ran for president in 1940 and 1948. Like his predecessor, he died in office.

▶ About The News:About The News: 150 Detroit News facts in 150 days

40: Albert Kahn, architect of Detroit industry (1869-1942)

Architect Albert Kahn works at a drafting table, Feb. 5, 1931. He designed some major Detroit buildings, including the General Motors building and the Fisher building.

Detroit got its looks from Albert Kahn. Prolific as an industrial architect during the early 20th Century, Khan designed more than 1,000 buildings for Henry Ford, including the Highland Park plant where the Model T was made and ther Rouge complex in Dearborn. By 1937, the architectural group he led could claim authorship of 19% of the architect-designed factories in the United States. Detroit is filled with his skyscrapers, including the art deco Fisher Building and its neighbor, the General Motors Headquarters. He also crafted the Detroit Athletic Club, the Cranbrook House, the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house, the old Detroit News headquarters, and many homes in Indian Village. With his brother, Khan developed a revolutionary concrete construction method that enabled the building of wider and taller structures. Roughly 60 of his buildings are on the National Register of Historic places.

41: Henry Leland, inventor and founder of Cadillac and Lincoln (1843-1932)

Cadillac President Henry Leland and the1905 Cadillac Osceola concept, which would eventually become the 1910 Model 30.

Luxury vehicles owe their origins to Henry Leland. The engineer, inventor and automotive executive founded America’s two premier luxury brands, Cadillac, a division of General Motors Corp., and Lincoln, part of Ford Motor Co. Born in Vermont, Leland worked as a machinist for the Colt firearms company before turning his mechanical skills to the budding automobile industry. He literally got in on the ground floor as an early supplier of engines for Oldsmobiles. He is credited with the development of interchangeable parts and the electric starter. He sold Cadillac to GM, and left the company in a dispute with William Durant, GM’s founder. Lincoln started during World War I to supply aircraft engines. It was converted to luxury car production when the war ended. The company faltered and was bought out of insolvency by Ford. A bit of trivia: Leland also invented the electric barber clippers.

42: Roger Penske, businessman and motor racing czar (1937-present) 

Roger Penske

Roger Penske is the very definition of a mogul. Holdings of the billionaire businessman include Bloomfield Hills-based Penske Automotive Group, Penske Truck Leasing, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. He is most famous, however, for his success in auto racing. Penske began  by racing Porches, and in 1961 was named driver of the year by the Sports Car Club of America. He retired as a driver in 1965 to start an auto dealership, and a year later formed his own racing team. Penske is known as the king of auto racing, dominating both the IndyCar and NASCAR series. His drivers have posted more than 500 victories on the track, including 19 Indy 500 wins. Detroit has benefited from Penske’s philanthropy and civic engagement. He headed the effort to bring the Super Bowl to Detroit in 2006, backed the construction of the QLine and this year brought the roar of Indy cars back to the streets of downtown Detroit. In 2019, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

43: Mary Barra, current CEO of General Motors (1961-present)

General Motors Co. CEO Mary Barra: $28.97 million

The first woman to lead one of the Big Three automakers has deep roots with the company she now helms. Barra, born in Royal Oak, started working at General Motors as a co-op student in 1980, when she was 18 years old. Barra attended the General Motors Institute (now Kettering University) and then worked her way up the ranks, taking on a number of leadership roles — including plant manager of the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly, vice president of human resources, and leading the global product development division — before she was named CEO in 2014. As top executive, Barra has led the company back from its 2011 bankruptcy to record profits and is now pointing the way to an all-electric future. Barra will be named to the Automotive Hall of Fame this month.

44: Gordie Howe, hockey legend (1928-2016)

Detroit Red Wings' Gordie Howe (left) in action against New York -Tony Leswick (down) Chuck Royner (NY goalie), Bill Quackenburk (Boston) and Jack Stewart (Chicago) October 1950.

The man who would come to be known as “Mr. Hockey” was born in Saskatchewan and began playing hockey when he was eight years old. He made his National Hockey League debut with the Detroit Red Wings on Oct. 16, 1946. He would play with Detroit for the next 25 seasons. In his lengthy and legendary career, Howe was a winner of four Stanley Cups, six scoring titles and six MVPs and ranks third in NHL history with 1,850 points, including 801 goals and 1,049 assists. In 1980, at the age of 52, Howe became the oldest player in NHL history, and the only to play across the span of five decades. In 2015, the Prime Minister of Canada along with the Governor of Michigan announced that the publicly owned bridge between Windsor and Detroit would be named the Gordie Howe International Bridge, honoring the pride Howe inspired on both sides of the river.

45: Robert Griffin, senator from Michigan, state Supreme Court justice (1923-2015)

In this Nov. 2, 1978 file photo, U.S. Sen. Robert Griffin, left, greets President Jimmy Carter in Flint.

Robert Griffin, a Detroit native, enlisted as an Army infantryman during World War II and served 14 months in the European theater. The Central Michigan University graduate got his law degree from the University of Michigan and began practicing in Traverse City. Griffin was elected to the U.S. House in 1956 from the state’s 9th District, defeating Republican incumbent Ruth Thompson in the GOP primary. Griffin supported both the Civil RIghts Act and the Voting Rights Act. He was appointed to the Senate in 1966 upon the death of Sen. Patrick McNamara. Griffin was an author of the Landrum-Griffin Act, governing the internal affairs of labor unions. He led the filibuster of Supreme Court nominee Abe Fortas, and in 1974 called for the resignation of his friend, President Richard Nixon. After losing his seat to Carl Levin in 1978, he served as a justice of the Michigan Supreme Court.

46: Gretchen Whitmer, current governor of Michigan (1971 to present)

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer speaks during a ribbon cutting ceremony for the reopening of the Book Tower, in Detroit, June 8, 2023.

Halfway through Gretchen Whitmer’s first term as governor, the state was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Whitmer joined other governors in declaring a state of emergency and imposing broad shutdowns on Michigan businesses and residents. She set health care reform and a promise to “fix the damn roads” as her first term priorities. She was elected to a second term in 2022 by a large margin, running on a strong pro-choice platform. The Democrat served in the Michigan House from 2001 to 2006 and the Michigan Senate from 2006 to 2015, when she was term-limited out. Whitmer was the first woman to serve as Democratic leader of the Senate. In 2020 her name was floated as a potential running mate for President Joe Biden.

47: William Milliken, Michigan’s longest serving governor (1922-2019)

Governor William Milliken holds a press conference to announce his retirement from public office, Dec. 12, 1981.

William Milliken served three full terms and one partial term as governor from 1969 to 1983, making him the longest serving governor in state history. He served one term in the Michigan Senate from Traverse City before being tapped by Republican Gov. George Romney to be his lieutenant governor. When Romney resigned in 1969 to become HUD secretary, Millien took over as governor.

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Dr. Gene Zaid is my hero


What does a hero look like? In my estimation, he is dark-skinned, dark-eyed, and comes from Palestine. He has a beautiful heart, is generous, kind, compassionate, humble and brilliant beyond belief!  His name is Dr. Gene Zaid.

Over the course of the past 15 months, he has become my hero and friend.  I first learned of him and his ability to help people with cancer and other diseases at my grandson’s wrestling tournament last year as a stranger told me of her mother’s remarkable healing from cancer, using Hyatt Life Science products.  A couple of my dear friends from Pratt have been greatly helped by his supplements. One was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and after taking Afaya for several months, the cancer is gone. One is going through treatments with greatly reduced side effects.

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‘Boycott Target’ song rises to top of music charts


The backlash against “woke culture” has taken two Christian rap songs all the way to the No. 1 spot on both Billboard and iTunes charts.

Gospel artist Jimmy Levy’s “Boycott Target” song with “MAGA rapper” Forgiato Blow recently bumped Taylor Swift from atop the iTunes sales chart. And Levy joined Bryson Gray and Shemeka Michelle in the Christian hip-hop song “Reclaim the Rainbow” to overtake K-Pop singer Jimin, of the band BTS, on Billboard‘s rap digital song sales chart.


“That shows that we’re the majority no matter what, the mainstream and Hollywood, and the industry wants to promote whatever agenda they want to promote and try to make us look like we’re the minority, people of God, patriots, Americans,” Levy told Fox News Digital. “It’s just not the truth. And no matter what, God prevails.”

Levy called the songs’ rise in popularity “really, really crazy.”


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The “Boycott Target” song includes lyrics that say: “We need a clean up on every aisle inside this store Satan resides. Wash it with the blood of Christ. It’s needed here so don’t think twice … God is coming for revenge. Target is targeting my kids.”

It came as Target saw its stock drop in May after the retailer spiraled deeper into controversy as a result of its 2023 Pride collection.

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‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Are Thrilled After Mayim Bialik


Get ready to celebrate, folks, because Jeopardy! garnered critical acclaim ahead of a major Hollywood event.

The 2023 Primetime Emmy Awards nominations were announced on July 12, and Jeopardy! scored big with three nominations. Along with Outstanding Game Show, the quiz show was recognized for Outstanding Host for a Game Show for both Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik. What’s more, Entertainment Weekly noted this is the first time the series was up for a Primetime Emmy instead of its traditional Daytime Emmy Awards.

Shortly after the news broke, it didn’t take long for Mayim to pay tribute to fellow longtime Jeopardy! star. “Congratulations @KenJennings on your first Emmy nomination!!” she celebrated on Twitter. “I’m so happy for you! I’m thinking we go in matching tuxedos? Let’s discuss.”

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When folks saw how Mayim acknowledge Ken’s career milestone, they immediately responded with messages of congratulations to the former Jeopardy! champion online.

‘Celebrity Jeopardy!’

'Celebrity Jeopardy!'

How many times can I like this tweet? 😎❤️🔥,” one person wrote on Twitter. “Go Ken Jennings … I’m a fan!” another viewer declared. “Congrats to both of you! You should definitely coordinate outfits 👑,” a different follower agreed.

As everyone celebrates Ken making his mark in the world of the Emmy Awards, folks might be wondering about Mayim’s previous success. This marks her fifth nomination overall, after earning four nods from 2012 to 2015 for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series in The Big Bang Theory.

In case viewers are wondering who Mayim and Ken will compete against for Outstanding Host for a Game Show, Family Feud star Steve Harvey, Password TV personality Keke Palmer and exiting Wheel of Fortunehost Pat Sajak are among the nominees. Guess we’ll have to tune in on September 18 to see who wins the top prize …


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Editorial Assistant

As the entertainment and news editorial assistant for Good Housekeeping, Adrianna (she/her) writes about everything TV, movies, music and pop culture. She graduated from Yeshiva University with a B.A. in journalism and a minor in business management. She covers shows like The Rookie, 9-1-1 and Grey’s Anatomy, though when she’s not watching the latest show on Netflix, she’s taking martial arts or drinking way too much coffee.

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