Sunset Recordings New Worldwide Distribution Deal is the Best of Every World for the Indy Label!

Sunset Recordings is a reputable and well-established American-based record label that has been a key player in the music industry for several years. With a diverse and talented roster of artists, such as Joe Atman, Mister Sir, Han Drabur, Mista Latex, and Richtaste, Sunset Recordings has something to offer with its new Distribution Deal and Platform.

Sunset, the front-line record label at SCA Sunset, is now distributed to more than 70 retail outlets and DSPs around the world, and the catalog of sound recordings is now in over 60 DSPs in China. Not only is the label continuing its presence at major outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, YouTube, Qobuz, Tidal, Anghami, Boomplay, and more, but the stand-alone platform also includes distribution straight to major outlets like TME (QQ, Kuwo, and Kugou) and Netease, along with 60 additional boutique services, internet radio, and short video libraries throughout China.

Furthermore, in the same deal with the same platform, the Indy Label has direct opportunities for music synchronization licensing in China with various visual media, such as movies, TV series, advertisements, and video games.

“We’re thrilled to offer our music to so many outlets and to potentially reach tons of new fans worldwide,” said SCA Sunset Chairman, Don Lichterman. “It’s a testament to our hardworking team. Given the quality of our music, we’re able to reach so many people in so many different ways and at the drop of a dime, so to speak, with one press of a button (again, so to speak).” Lichterman also states that “any sync licensing in that new marketplace will help boost our artists and label profile, not to mention increase everyone’s income to an entirely new level.”

Sunset was founded in 2009 with the mission of providing quality music to the world. Since then, the label has released music from various genres, including pop, rock, hip-hop, and blues. The label has also worked with a number of different artists, including both established and up-and-coming talent. The ‘Lights and Shades’ CD by Richtaste is produced by Pat Aeby (Krokus), the Mista Latex hit single, ‘One Night,’ recorded with Bre-Z (from the TV Show, ‘Empire’) and Chivas Kimble and then of course DJ Q-Ball’s (Bloodhound Gang) side project, the Federal Moguls.

“We believe that music should be accessible to everyone, no matter where they are in the world,” said Lichterman. “Our goal is to continue to reach new audiences and help our artists grow their careers.” The label’s recent expansion into China is a testament to its commitment to global reach. With distribution in over 100 outlets and DSPs worldwide, SCA Sunset is among the most widely-available labels in the business. “We’re very excited about our expansion into China,” said Don Lichterman. “It’s a huge market with a lot of potential for our up-and-coming artists, and considering how hard it is to break new music artists today, I welcomed this deal big time. We look forward to continued success in this important territory and the work done on behalf of the label by our new partners and its staff.”

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