‘Music is like a constant companion to me’:


Cillian Murphy, best known for his iconic roles in projects like Peaky Blinders and this year’s box office success Oppenheimer, is taking a nostalgic journey back to his musical beginnings as he returns to BBC Radi

o 6.

Cillian Murphy’s musical odyssey

BBC Radio 6 Music recently revealed that Cillian Murphy will host a Sunday night radio show starting on September 17th. This weekly program will showcase a diverse collection of music from his personal record collection, each track holding a special significance in his life. Murphy’s musical selections will span various genres and eras. In the announcement, they wrote, “His weekly nocturnal playlist sees Cillian explore music from all corners of his record collection & share why they hold a special place in his life.” Murphy joined host and DJ Nemone on Friday, September 1, to announce the news. He said: “It’s been a while, but I am thrilled to be back playing tunes on 6 Music, my favourite radio station in the world. The show will be a sound collage of new, old and limited edition tunes for your discerning ears. Can’t wait.”

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The long-awaited return of Cillian Murphy

Fans of Cillian Murphy have eagerly awaited his return to radio since the first series of Cillian Murphy’s Limited Edition aired in autumn 2020, followed by a second series in autumn 2021. The news of his comeback was met with enthusiastic reactions on Twitter, with fans expressing their anticipation for the show’s return and praising Murphy’s impeccable musical taste. One fan said “Absolutely cannot recommend these shows enough. Impeccable music taste and guaranteed new finds.”

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Although Cillian Murphy is primarily recognized for his impressive acting career in films and series, his return to BBC Radio 6 allows him to reconnect with his earlier passion for music. Having sung and played guitar in various bands during his teenage and early adult years, Murphy’s musical expertise is well-rooted. His previous radio collections have featured a wide range of musical genres, demonstrating his eclectic tastes. As he embarks on this new radio venture, listeners can expect an auditory journey curated by a man who has always had a deep connection with the world of music.

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