YouTube King MrBeast Crushes 24-Hour View Record


YouTube sensation Jimmy Donaldson, popularly known as MrBeast, has shattered the 24-hour view record for a non-music video with his gripping ‘7 Days Stranded at Sea’ vlog, garnering an astonishing 46 million views in just 23 hours.

What Happened: In 2021, MrBeast made headlines for breaking the record for the fastest non-music video to reach 100 million views, thanks to his Squid Game-themed video. 

Now, after two years, the philanthropic content creator has set the internet ablaze with the news of yet another record-breaking milestone.  

Donaldson’s latest video, ‘7 Days Stranded at Sea,’ achieved a jaw-dropping 46 million views in just 23 hours. At the time of writing, the video has surpassed the 57 million mark. 

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The YouTuber also took this opportunity to clap back at critics who accuse him of getting views solely because of the monetary giveaways. 

When a user on Twitter, now rebranded as X, made a comment recalling a past thread about “MrBeast falling off,” Donaldson responded confidently, saying, “It’s funny because I’m just getting started. I have at least 1,000 more mega bangers I want to film.”

Watch the complete video here: 

Why It’s Important: MrBeast is currently the most-subscribed independent creator on YouTube. 

During the same weekend, he challenged T-Series for a subscriber count face-off, reigniting an old rivalry that dates back to 2019 when the Indian music label dethroned PewDiePie as the most-subscribed channel on YouTube.

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My Car, Our Music? – The Good Men Project


A case could be made that what I do is actually closer to “conflict avoidance” but I’m a big believer in the idea that you need to “choose your battles.” I think that the ability to swallow your annoyance at another person and keep one’s mouth shut is an important trait that more people should be practicing.

It’s especially important as a parent as there are many days when it seems that their entire mission for the day is to cause annoyance.

I’ve been managing lately but it’s been a struggle, particularly in the truck. Car rides are when a lot of our conversations happen, a place where she is trapped with me but also slightly more at ease by the fact that we aren’t actually looking at each other. It’s a hack that I know a lot of other parents also use but doesn’t work if the brats get in the car and immediately stick buds in their ears.



She says that she’s trying to avoid my music, not my conversation, but that doesn’t make it any better. Accepted societal norms state that outside of long road trips the driver has control of the music, period. That meant a lot of “golden oldies” for me as a kid. Del Shannon, The Platters, Dion and the Belmonts. It wasn’t what I would have picked and there were times when I wished my dad would listen to something a bit more current, but I came to appreciate a lot of those artists.

I’m not making mine listen to the music of my youth, though a lot of that hair metal still sounds good and the new Metallica album actually kicks ass.

I keep current.  Modern folk acts like Mt Joy and Josiah and the Bonnevilles, blues rock from Marcus King and The Parlor Mob. It’s “dad rock” but it’s new dad rock so that makes it cool. It’s not my fault that a lot of it really doesn’t sound all that different from Kenny Loggins or Huey Lewis and the News.




That’s really the kicker about the whole thing – what she’s actually listening to.  Her two favorite bands are Queen and Nirvana, half of her playlists are filled with Eminem and I have to listen to My Chemical Romance every time she takes a shower. Her Spotify account looks like it belongs to a millennial that was forced to listen to her parent’s music in the car.

Maybe the lesson here is that today’s music kinda stinks and it’s time to stop pretending it doesn’t. Since the first caveman started knocking rocks together in rhythm kids have been complaining about their parent’s music. Maybe it’s time to dig that CD collection out of the basement and see if those headphones come off.

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World News | Governments Are Gathering to Talk


Belem (Brazil), Aug 6 (AP) The Amazon rainforest is a massive area, twice the size of India and sprawling across eight countries and one territory. It’s a crucial carbon sink for the climate, has about 20 per cent of the world’s freshwater reserves and boasts astounding biodiversity, including 16,000 known tree species.

But governments have historically viewed it as an area to be colonised and exploited, with little regard for sustainability or the rights of its Indigenous peoples.

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Now, as those governments seek to clamp down on a Wild West atmosphere of resource extraction, human rights abuses and environmental crime, collaboration across borders is a must.

That’s a major goal of the two-day Amazon Summit that opens Tuesday in Belem, where Brazil will host policymakers and others to discuss how to tackle the immense challenges of protecting a critical resource in stemming the worst of climate change.

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Here’s a rundown of the Amazon’s importance, the threats it faces and possible solutions.


Deforestation ranks first. The Amazon biome has lost more than 85 million hectares (211 million acres), or about 13 per cent of its original area, according to the Monitoring of the Andean Amazon Pact.

Most of that destruction has come in the past half-century, with Brazil — home to two-thirds of the rainforest — the main culprit.

Cattle ranching and soybean crops have expanded dramatically thanks to new technology, highways, and global demand for grain and beef. Mostly controlled by settlers of European descent who migrated from other parts of the country, the ranching and farming have reshaped local culture in aspects ranging from people’s diet to their music.

Nowhere is the devastation more sweeping than in Brazil’s Para state, where Belem is the capital. Forty-one percent of deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon has come in Para state, where so much land has been converted to run some 27 million cattle that it’s the leading emitter of greenhouse gases among Brazilian states, according to Climate Observatory, a network of environmental nonprofit groups.

It emits more than every other country with Amazon rainforest: Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, Suriname, Guyana and the territory of French Guiana.

Other environmental threats are large hydroelectric dams, especially in Brazil; illegal logging; mining; and oil drilling, with effects on water contamination and disruption of Indigenous lifestyles. Underinvestment in infrastructure also means much of the sewage from homes in the rainforest dumps directly into waterways.

The Amazon has also seen more extreme weather events — flooding and drought — in recent years.



Climate change is made worse when plants that take up carbon are lost. And the Amazon functions as a massive device to store carbon.

Atmospheric chemist Luciana Gatti, a researcher for Brazil’s National Institute of Space Research, said deforestation leads to more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and generally means reduced rainfall and higher temperatures.

“By deforesting the Amazon, we are accelerating climate change,” Gatti told The Associated Press.

She co-authored a study published in the journal Nature that found that the heavily deforested eastern Amazon has ceased to function as a carbon absorber and is now a carbon source. Gatti said half of the deforestation in the eastern Amazon needs to be reversed to maintain the rainforest as a buffer against climate change.


Oft-quoted research by Earth system scientist Carlos Nobre and late environmental scientist Thomas Lovejoy estimated that 20 per cent to 25 per cent deforestation would be a critical threshold for the Amazon. The resulting decline in rainfall would transform more than half of the Amazon to tropical savannah, with great biodiversity loss, they said.

That kind of change is already happening in Xingu Indigenous Territory, in Brazil’s southern Amazon, which has become an island surrounded by soybeans and pasture and where researchers have highlighted forest degradation due to persistent droughts, fires and agricultural practices.

But some researchers have questioned the tipping point theory for using computer models to predict outcomes in such a large and complex region.

Others have said that an even bigger threat is global climate change. Researcher David Lapola, who is part of a project that investigates how the Amazon responds to higher carbon dioxide levels, argues that even if deforestation in the Amazon basin were to cease immediately, the forest would still face the risk of reaching a tipping point due to what is happening worldwide.


Road paving and organised crime.

Governments initially hacked roads through forest so settlers could reach far-flung lands, but heavy rains and use regularly wrecked those dirt roads. Paving them made for easier access — and made it easier to move agricultural products, too.

But that also helped lawbreakers reach pristine areas to extract ancient hardwood timber and clear forest for ranching. The roads have been called “arteries of destruction” and often generate deforestation resembling a fish skeleton, with smaller dirt roads branching off the spine of an official road.

Even more important for criminal organisations to take root has been political corruption and lax law enforcement. Few border areas are policed seriously and there has been scant international cooperation as rivals compete for drug trafficking routes.

Drug seizures have increased in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia and Peru over the past decade, the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) reported in June.

Homicide rates in Amazon municipalities are sometimes double or triple already high national averages, said Rob Muggah, founder of the Igarape Institute, a security-focused think tank. Scarce opportunity helps criminal groups recruit poorer residents, especially those without education or employment. And the crime reinforces chronic underdevelopment, turning into a vicious cycle, Muggah said.

Traffickers have diversified into businesses like “narco-deforestation” — laundering trafficking profits into land for agriculture — as well as financing and logistics for illegal gold prospecting that lays waste to the forest and poisons waterways, according to the UNODC report.


The Amazon is so big and complex that there’s no single solution for developing different regions, said Marcelo Salazar, a veteran of environmental nonprofit and consultancy work who now leads a company making food supplements with natural products from the Amazon.

But there are some commonalities, he said. First, governments must provide health, education and protection of land rights for a forest economy to function. Subsidies for products that come from the forest would help, too; for example, making traditional oil from babassu palm more competitive with soy oil from Brazil’s vast plantations.

There also needs to be greater development of local expertise in communicating the Amazon’s challenges and its promise, both to help outsiders understand and to attract investors.

“There are still few experiences we have as models that stand in opposition to the destructive models,” he said.

Environmental activists have long advocated so-called bioeconomy alternatives for the tens of millions of people living in Amazonia, but investors have been wary. In order for such proposals to take off, risks must be low enough for larger enterprises to expect returns, which means stronger policing and anti-corruption measures, said Igarape’s Muggah.

“Punctual interventions and pilot projects are excellent; we need those to be able to understand what’s going to work and what doesn’t. But we need to back that up with real punch, real investment, real economic resources,” he said. (AP)

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Sports News | Scott McLaughlin Wins 1st Pole This


Nashville, Aug 6 (AP) Scott McLaughlin won his second straight pole Saturday at the Music City Grand Prix and the first on a street course this season for Team Penske.

The New Zealander, currently fifth in the points race, will be looking for his second win this year Sunday. He came in second here to countryman Scott Dixon “by a nose” a year ago. McLaughlin said the qualifying session probably was the best of his IndyCar career with the Chevrolet.

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“That was the money one,” McLaughlin said. “That was real nice. That was juicy. So I was really happy with that one. Obviously, the same car as we ran last year.”

McLaughlin grabbed the fourth pole of his career on his final lap of the Fast Six, holding off Pato O’Ward by more than three-tenths of a second. Colton Herta of Andretti Autosport missed out on his second pole here and will start third alongside series points leader Alex Palou.

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Dixon, a six-time series champ, crashed into the Turn 11 wall damaging the front of his Chip Ganassi Racing car with 18 seconds left in the Fast 12 round. He will start 12th, two spots ahead of where he started before winning on this course last year.

Linus Lundqvist, filling in for Simon Pagenaud in the No. 60 of Meyer Shank Racing, was the top qualifying rookie and will start 11th in his IndyCar debut. Marcus Ericsson, who won the inaugural race here in 2021, will start 20th.

Tennessee native Josef Newgarden, currently 80 points behind Palou in the points race, will start ninth. He is looking for his first win at his home course and fifth this season.

Rain shortened Saturday’s second practice to just 30 minutes and delayed qualifying nearly four hours in a revamped schedule. By the time drivers took the 2.1-mile course, the sun had dried out the streets with its 11 turns and two trips across the Korean War Veterans Memorial Bridge.

The 80-lap race is scheduled for noon EDT Sunday.

Qualifying for the Indy NXT race was canceled Saturday due to poor course conditions from steady rain in the Nashville area, with the starting grid set by entrant points. AP

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Publish Wikipages offers Professional Wikipedia


Publish Wikipages offers Professional Wikipedia Services to Help Visibility and SEO – Music Industry Today – EIN Presswire

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Saturday, August 5, 2023


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Maria Becerra Is Engaged & More Uplifting Moments


From career milestones and new music releases to major announcements and those little, important moments, Billboard editors highlight uplifting moments in Latin music. Here’s what happened in the Latin music world this week.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

Maria Becerra is Engaged!

This week, Argentine artist Maria Becerra announced her engagement with Argentine artist Rei. “I love you so much, my love. My heart explodes with happiness. I can’t stop crying. I’m so lucky to have found you,” she posted in a since-deleted Instagram story, where she posted a video of the silver-band ring with a tiny red heart. On TikTok, the lovebirds shared a detailed video of their special night, revealing that it was Becerra who proposed to Rei during a getaway in Santorini.

Carlos Rivera is a Dad!

Carlos Rivera and his partner Cynthia Rodriguez have welcomed their baby boy this week, whom they named León Rivera Rodriguez. “Our beloved León just waited for dad and decided to be born last night 08/03/23. He is a beautiful baby, very healthy, very big and very strong. Mom is perfect and beautiful,” expressed the Mexican crooner in a joint Instagram post. “Happiness today has a new meaning in our life.” See the sweet photo below.

Mau & Ricky’s Emotional Visit Home

A video posted by Mau y Ricky has gone viral after the sibling duo paid a visit to indigenous children in their native country, Venezuela—it was the first time they returned back home in 15 years. In the clip, Ricky is playing the guitar as Mau gets emotional and begins to cry listening to the kids sing their song “Amen.” “Since we started making songs, we dreamed that our music would be heard everywhere. Starting with our country… a place that for many years we were afraid to return to, we felt far away and thought that no one was listening[…] This trip has been a healer on another level…we are as Venezuelan as ever but much MORE than ever,” they captioned the post.

Karol G’s Stadium Tour Opening Acts

Following her history-making Lollapalooza performance—as the first female Latin act to headline the festival in more than 30 years—Karol G unveiled the opening acts for her Mañana Será Bonito tour. In her Instagram stories, the “Bichota” singer shared that special guests Young Miko, Bad Gyal, and DJ Agudelo888 will be opening her shows. While Agudelo will pump up the crowd during all 15 dates, Young Miko and Bad Gyal will join the Colombian artist on different occasions. Check out all the info below:

A Museum and Salsa Legends

The International Salsa Museum (ISM) announced a first-ever exhibition celebrating Afro-Cuban artist La Lupe, also known as the Queen of Latin Soul. Held during the 2023 New York International Salsa Congress (NYISC), the three-day pop-up and fan experience will also commemorate the centennial of the King of Mambo, Tito Puente. 

“ISM is honored that the estates of these seminal artists of early Latin music believe in our mission,” said Willy Rodriguez, co-founder and executive director of ISM, in a statement. “It’s important to educate the public on their legacies while humanizing the persons behind the curtains.” 

As part of the tribute, Puente’s son, Tito Puente Jr. will form part of a panel discussion about the past, present, and future of salsa with ISM and former Billboard Latin Artist on the Rise, Luis Figueroa. He will also perform with his orchestra. The exhibition and pop-up, fan experience will open Sept. 1 at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. For ticketing information, and more, click here. 

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Kumar Sanu’s Fan From Rajasthan Cycles 1200 km to


Rakesh Balodiya, a fan of the singer Kumar Sanu, undertook an extraordinary 1200 Km solo cycle ride from Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan to Mumbai to meet his music idol. Talking exclusively to ANI, Rakesh said, “I don’t have words to express myself right now. I started listening to Kumar Sanu’s songs when I was in class 12. I got my style of singing from him, I get so much love in my city because of his songs, otherwise, I don’t know what I would have been doing today. So that love only pulled me here. When I was starting out, my family and everyone else also supported me a lot because everyone in my city knows how much I love Sanu Da.” Sonu Sood’s Fans Make Actor’s Portrait With 2500 kg Rice Over 1-Acre of Land in Madhya Pradesh (Watch Video).

Soon after Rakesh arrived at Kumar Sanu’s residence, the singer greeted him with warmth and hugged him. Rakesh also offered a flower bouquet to Sanu. His incredible journey has captured the attention and admiration of people across the country.

Kumar Sanu shared with ANI, “Fans love us so much, it feels so good. Rakesh came from so far specially to meet me after cycling 1200 km, that’s why I hugged him, it made me emotional. At first, I was very surprised that someone would come riding a bicycle from such a distance. So I was worried that anything happens on the way and today I am very relieved to see him. It feels very good.” Kumar Sanu’s Rags To Richess Story: Exclusive Interview!

The popular singer, who had given several hits including “Chura Ke Dil Mera” from Main Khiladi Tu Anari, “Ladki Badi Anjani Hai” from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Kurukshetra’s “Aap Ka Aana Dil Dhadkana”, has performed songs in Marathi, Nepali, Assamese, Bhojpuri, Gujarati, Manipuri, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, Punjabi, Odia, Chhattisgarhi, Urdu, Pali and English, as well as Bengali. Between 1991 and 1995, he set a record by winning the Best Male Playback Singer Filmfare Award five times in a row.

(This is an unedited and auto-generated story from Syndicated News feed, LatestLY Staff may not have modified or edited the content body)

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Queen City Rock Camp celebrates 9 years of music,


The basement of First Unitarian Universalist Church featured a blend of drum beats, guitar strumming and keyboard synchronization on Wednesday morning during the third day of Queen City Rock Camp.

Twenty-six campers ranging between ages nine and 18 are attending this year’s day camp, which aims to create a safe space for girls, transgender and nonbinary youth to build confidence through music.

Amethyst Graham, 17, has attended Queen City Rock Camp since its inception in 2014. Graham said she’s returned to the camp for the last nine years because she enjoys having a safe space to learn how to better play her instrument, the bass, and meet up with friends she’s made in years past.

Queen City Rock Camp camper Amethyst Graham plays the bass during a class at the summer camp at First Unitarian Universalist Church of Springfield on Wednesday, Aug, 2, 2023.

The camp started on Monday and concluded with a graduation ceremony on Friday. After checking in each morning, campers enjoyed a variety of activities, including music history presentations, instrumental instruction with their preferred instrument, do-it-yourself workshops, like zine-making, printmaking and videography, and daily afternoon band practice.

Each year, the camp is divided into small group bands that perform at the Queen City Rock Camp Showcase, which is held after the camp concludes. This year, there are five bands: Sour Owls, Band No. 2, Tino Dinos, Patchwork Moth and Nine Lives.

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Weston Cage Is Making New Music With a Breaking


Weston Cage, the son of actor Nicolas Cage, has previously dabbled in making black metal.

Now, the 32-year-old performer, who is a musician as well as an actor like his father, is collaborating with Breaking Benjamin guitarist and backing vocalist Keith Wallen on new solo material that’s still dark at heart but has a far more anthemic approach. Are you ready for the new music of Wes Cage?

Because a new Wes Cage single that the two co-wrote together, titled “The Wolf,” is soon to be released, as Blabbermouth has reported. The song is available to pre-save now on music streaming platforms, for those eager to get a head start. Watch a trailer music video for “The Wolf” further down toward the bottom of this post.

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“The music we’re doing is part of my essence and always needed to be released,” Wes explained in a press statement issued this week. “Lyrically, ‘The Wolf’ touches on the dichotomy between the higher and lower selves. One represents strength, intelligence, organization, responsibility; the other, destitution, failure, depression, sadness.”

Like father like son. Nicolas Cage also enjoys listening to black metal bands, including Darkthrone and Satyricon, as Wes has said in the past.

READ MORE: Nicolas Cage Is REALLY Serious About Why He Likes to Listen to Black Metal

Wes Cage’s “The Wolf” arrives on Oct. 27.

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Wes Cage, “The Wolf” (Trailer)

Rock Star Kids Then and Now

Photos of famous children of musicians. What are they doing now?

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Montreal music festivals accused of reducing


Most of Montreal’s major summer festivals are now in the rearview mirror, and many music lovers are no doubt looking back on them with fond memories.

One couple says, however, that they were repeatedly humiliated and discriminated against at the Jazz Festival and others. They accuse organizers of brushing people with disabilities aside.

“Every night, I was humiliated,” said Liette Boisvert, who uses a motorized scooter to get around in public.

Boisvert and her partner Bill Marsh love to spend their summer nights at Montreal’s music festivals. The fact that Liette has a disability has never stopped them from enjoying free outdoor shows at the Jazz Fest, Les Francos and others.

“We love it. We go rain or shine,” she said with a smile.

They say in the past it was easy to navigate the Place des Festivals in their motorized scooters, even when it was packed.

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“Before, it was perfect,” Boisvert said.

They say this year, though, was an accessibility nightmare.

“This was the first time I felt like I was an inconvenience at a festival,” said Marsh.

Liette says in the past, it was easy to get dropped off by adapted transit and roll right onto an elevated platform with dozens of spaces for people in wheelchairs.

They say this year, the zone dedicated to people with disabilities was in a different spot and much smaller. They say the old spot was replaced by a VIP area.

“Life did handicap us, but this year it was them that made us feel handicapped,” said Boisvert.

Instead of being able to access it from the outskirts, they say they had to navigate the crowd to make it to the new balcony.

“We honked our horn, we say ‘Excuse me,’ but still we had to go through about 1,500 to 2,000 people,” she recounted.

Because the new area could only welcome a handful of people, they had to reserve in advance. They say it didn’t always work. Sometimes their names weren’t on the guest list, and when they called the reservation office, it was closed for the weekend.

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They also say because the area was so small, they were only allowed to stay for one act so others could rotate in.

“Can you imagine what would happen if they said to the 5,000 people that were standing there, ‘You can only watch one of these shows?” said Marsh.

There were issues with bathrooms and restaurants too. A supposedly reserved area at Nuits d’Afrique was full of able-bodied people sitting in chairs.

“We had no autonomy, no dignity, no nothing,” said Boisvert.

Disabled rights advocate Linda Gauthier says she made a formal complaint to the promoter of the Jazz and Les Francos festivals, Equipe Spectra.

“I mean, it’s pure discrimination,” Gauthier said. “I hope it’s going to be fixed for next year, but I doubt it.”

Equipe Spectra said in a statement accessibility at the Jazz Festival is a priority for them.

“This is why we are working with the Keroul organization to obtain accessibility certification. Our facilities for people with reduced mobility have been optimized this year,” said Equipe Spectra spokesperson Brigitte Beaudoin-Savoie. “The TD Stage and Rogers Stage have a dedicated area for festivalgoers with reduced mobility, available by reservation. The TD Stage area was moved this year to offer a better view of the stage.”

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She said the areas can accomodate 14-16 people with reduced mobility and their companions.

“We’d like to have at least what it was before, 35 to 40 places,” said Gauthier.

Boisvert and Marsh say they will continue attending festivals, but hope things are easier next time.

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