Watch Gunna Race Down “rodeo dr” in New Music


Drawing from O.J. Simpson’s infamous car chase, Gunna‘s new music video sees the rapper cruising through Los Angeles in a white Ford Bronco. The rapper recreates Simpson’s 1994’s on-road saga in the visuals for a Gift & a Curse track, “rodeo dr”, as he dodges paparazzi and crazed fans alike.

Directed by Spike Jordan, the video opens with “fukumean” playing – another notable cut from a Gift & a Curse that recently matched “Drip Too Hard” as Gunna’s highest-charting Hot 100 single. A voiceover of a news reporter then kicks off, as she updates listeners on “one of of the most interesting stories in hip-hop history. Of course we are mindful of the situation with Y.S.L. – ” before the “rodeo dr” beat interjects. Gunna delivers bars from the back of the SUV, as the car swerves down the LA highways, making no stops for the slew of street-side reporters and excited onlookers.

“Helpin’ the P out, I’m beamin’ on Narcos, thinkin’ I should take the Bronco (yeah) / OJ (yeah), gotta go get it tomorrow / I’m sellin’ out The Apollo, inside my body is hollow,” the rapper recites from the backseat. Grainy, vintage-esque footage is intermingled with high-quality close-ups, all pieced together with hypnotic visual effects and cinematography.

The video closes with the same reporter from the beginning, as she delivers a Breaking News segment regarding the YSL case. “This is something we’ve never seen before… He’s number one. No features. They call him ‘Wunna’. He’s one of one.” Stream the music video above.

In other music news, Travis Scott has unveiled his latest offering of UTOPIA merch and also announced his CIRCUS MAXIMUS Rome show.

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