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Campaign urges young voters to not give up, the most commonly thrown away furniture, and have a look at this year’s Pohoda festival.

Good evening. Here is the Monday, July 10 edition of Today in Slovakia – the main news of the day in less than five minutes.

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New campaign to get young people to vote

They make up almost 500,000 voters and depending on the turnout, their votes could make a difference of up to three percent in results. However, compared to previous elections in 2020, people aged 18 to 25 are now less willing to participate in the coming September election.

That is where a new campaign called Chcem Tu Zostať (I Want to Stay Here) comes in. Launched at the Pohoda music festival over the weekend, its aim is to convince young people to cast their votes and make a difference.

Its ambassadors include former prime minister Iveta Radičová and former ice-hockey player Michal Handzuš.

Read more about the coming September election:

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Slovak’s experiences in Alaska, travelling solo

Kamila Dulová’s circle of family and friends told her that Alaska is dangerous, wild and cold. She did not listen and spent a month there on a budget alone. She has experienced unpleasant situations, but does not want to be discouraged.

“I hear opinions about a woman travelling alone, but why should men have the right to do so and women be afraid? I also want to go on an adventure,” she says in an interview.


Sun(DJ)set at the Devín Castle

video //www.youtube.com/embed/lOsxaqAUrxA

Another evening with a music performance at the Devín Castle awaits you on Friday, July 14. This time multi-genre electronic producer Isobutane will showcase their music, which can be characterised as electronica that goes beyond the boundaries of classic club dance tracks or ambient dreaming. For more information click here (in English).

Admission: 8€

In other news

  • In a discussion at the Pohoda music festival, President Zuzana Čaputová indirectly expressed her hope that former Foreign Affairs Minister Ivan Korčok would run in the upcoming presidential elections, as well as her support for him. The latter has yet to formally announce whether or not he will run, however, he said is considering it.
  • Last year, the Bratislava waste management company Odvoz a Likvidácia Odpadu (OLO) collected more than 147,000 tonnes of waste. Mixed municipal waste comprised most of it, followed by paper, cardboard and glass. “The total amount of waste in the city is decreasing. The amount of municipal solid waste is decreasing as well, and the proportion of sorted components is increasing,” OLO reported on Monday.
  • In order to increase visibility and clearly separate cycling paths from traffic lanes, the city of Bratislava plans to paint red nine kilometres of cycling paths this year. Last week the repainting of the paths on Jirásková Street in Petržalka was finished; next is Špitálska in the Old Town borough. The paths in several parts of the city have been finished already.
  • The police stopped the criminal prosecution of threats against the former mayor of the village of Ladomirová, eastern Slovakia, concluding that the act was not a criminal offence. The threats were supposed to be related to an alleged illegal intervention at the World War I cemetery, still being investigated. Last September, the Russian Embassy stated that the former mayor had the cemetery razed by excavators. The mayor responded that this was not true, with police warning that it was a hoax.


Partly cloudy and very hot, with level 1 high temperature warning issued for south-west Slovakia. Occasionally showers or storms. Daily temperatures between 28 °C to 33 °C expected. (SHMÚ)

In this regard, the Public Health Authority (ÚVZ) reminds people to drink plenty of water, avoid being in the sun between 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM and do sports activities either at early morning or evening. People should protect themselves with hats, sunglasses and sunscreen with high SPF.

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