Tony Yayo: NY Has Bad Luck With Rappers, Drill


Tony Yayo has shared his thoughts about New York rap and drill music — and needless to say, the G-Unit rapper isn’t necessarily a fan of where things are with his hometown rap scene.

During a five-hour interview with Drink Champs on Saturday (July 8), the “Fake Love” rapper revealed that he doesn’t feel that New York, as a whole, has had a lot of luck with its Hip Hop stars as of late — and a lot of its bad luck has to do with the unfortunate murder of one of its hottest up-and-comers at the pinnacle of his career.

“Pop Smoke — like, I wish he would have stayed in the hotel over the AirBnB,” he began. “Rest in peace. But, that kinda fucked New York up. New York was coming back, bro. We had Pop Smoke, we had all these drill n-ggas startin’…A Boogie. But Pop was…you know…”

Perhaps due to the aforementioned murder of Pop Smoke, too, the Talk of New York wasn’t much of a fan of the drill subgenre of rap music. “Now, New York is worse than Chicago,” he added. “And California, with the drill, because n-ggas is throwing like n-ggas dead friends in there. When we had battle raps with Ja Rule and them, n-ggas was still alive. […] But there’s no remorse with the drill music. N-ggas shooting little kids.”

Throughout the interview, Tony Yayo also frequently talked about rappers who are facing RICO charges.

Rap’s elder statesman previously spoke extensively about Young Thug — who, himself, is facing a wide assortment of RICO charges — but he believes that the Atlanta native will beat the charges against him.

Tony Yayo Recalls G-Unit Facing Racial Backlash For Working With Eminem

Tony Yayo Recalls G-Unit Facing Racial Backlash For Working With Eminem

“Thug coming home, man,” Yayo said in an interview last month. “The case … it sounds like a clusterfuck, man. Free Young Thug, man. And you know, it’s like, when you look at the shit, it’s like, he’s a high-profile guy. So, it’s a clusterfuck. You know?”

He went on: “Even moving them around, it’s like, he’s high-profile. This is everyday shit, though … It’ll just make the news because you’ll hear ‘YSL.’”

This isn’t the first time that the Tony Yayo has spoken about the YSL case. Back in January, in an interview with VladTV, he discussed Gunna’s controversial plea deal.

Tony Yayo said although things looked up for Gunna in the video of him walking out of prison with a woman by his side, things were going to change once word got out regarding his release.

“It’s hard to call somebody a snitch without the paperwork,” Yayo said. “But I think when that video came out — because remember Gunna got out and I love Gunna music, I love Thugga music. Gunna got out, you know, got the bad chick with him jumped into $200,000 Maybach everything was all Gucci you know what I’m saying. But two minutes later, what was that? Probably like an hour later, yeah the film in court came out.”

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