Helping independent musicians monetize their music


The music industry is often disrupted by technology and independent artists can struggle to find an audience.

Andreea Gleeson, the CEO of TuneCore, a music distribution platform for independent artists, joined “News All Day” for Women Wednesday.

Artists like Ed Sheeran and Lizzo used Tune Core at the beginning of their careers and Chance the Rapper still uses it.

Gleeson says that music “is no longer discovered in places you need a gatekeeper. Music is discovered on platforms like TikTok” — which allows artists to grow as independent artists. And labels don’t sign artists anymore, they sign “audiences.”

When you’re starting out, it’s best to put out a lot of music and then use social media to help get the word out.

Gleeson is excited about artificial intelligence because she feels it can help enhance creativity and help create music that couldn’t exist before.

For more information, go to TuneCore.com.

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