Jessie Ware on Friendship With Kylie Minogue,


Jessie Ware performed at WeHo Pride and chatted with Billboard News about her relationship with her fans, upcoming That! Feels Good! Tour, friendship with Kylie Minogue, love for “Padam Padam’,” performing at her first Pride and more!

Tetris Kelly:
Hanging out with Jessie Ware at WeHo Pride! So, your album is out. It’s so exciting. Tell me how the fan reaction has been to everything.

Jessie Ware:
Overwhelming. I mean, I thought it was amazing the “What’s Your Pleasure?” reaction but this has been, I don’t know. I feel like my fans and I have this understanding and I made it, of course, not for myself, but for them, and hopefully I delivered in their thrills. It’s just gonna be a party from here on … you know what I mean?

Tetris Kelly:
We love a party. And what is so special about that connection between you? What do you think makes it legitimate?

Jessie Ware:
I think they’ve given me the confidence to kind of push myself and to take more risks and be more myself … and push things creatively. Like, they’re my sounding board, rather than like music execs, you know what I mean? I started out as it being a thing you defer to these suits. But you know, I’ve grown a fan base, I’ve done five records now. People have stayed with me. Some people have joined to come along for the ride.

Tetris Kelly:
Sometimes, honestly, I say fans are better than the executives because if you go on Twitter, everybody’s probably telling you how your music should sound.

Jessie Ware:
I know what the next single should be because my fans have told me what it should be. So that’s fine.

Watch the full video above to see what she says about Kylie Minogue, touring and more!

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