Qounfuzed’s ZIMA Snub Sparks Controversy: Zimbabwe


Qounfuzed’s ZIMA Snub Sparks Controversy: Zimbabwe Music Awards Apologizes

In a stunning development, the Zimbabwe Music Awards (ZIMA) has issued a public apology to renowned artist Qounfuzed for overlooking his submissions in the recently concluded awards ceremony, ZIMA23.

Taking to his social media platform, the talented artist accused the organization of disregarding his submissions for the prestigious ZIMA23 awards.


Qounfuzed Boycotts Zimbabwean Awards
Qounfuzed Boycotts All Zimbabwean Awards Over “Dodgy” Nomination Criteria [Image: YouTube/QOUNFUZEDOFFICIAL]

The “Kamunamato Kekubhawa” hitmaker expressed disappointment over his exclusion from the ZIMA nominations.

The apology comes in the wake of Qounfuzed’s bold declaration on social media, announcing his intention to release recorded conversations and chats with ZIMA directors unless they publicly apologized for snubbing him.

“I have back to back chats and call conversations recordings with the ZIMA directors and Imma be sharing these for FUN…in the next couple of days
Imma turn off my comment section as I do not wish to hear anyone’s opinion or two senses when I do this… Only a public apology from ZIMA as they promised will stop me from this,” Qounfuzed wrote.

ZIMA Apologizes to Qounfuzed

ZIMA, recognizing the seriousness of the situation, swiftly issued a statement expressing regret for their oversight and acknowledging their mistake. They conceded that it was too late to rectify the situation, but their apology aimed to mend the strained relationship with the artist.

iharare is publishing ZIMA letter in it’s entirety;

Zimbabwe Music Awards
5 June 2023

FAO: Qonfuzed

REF: Acknowledgement frorn the Zimbabwe Music Awards ZIMA231

Dear Qonfuzed,

The Zimbabwe Music Awards would like to apologise to Qonfuzed for passing over his submissions In the recently held ZIMA23. By the tirne this error was noticed the adjudi-cation process had reached an advanced stage and his submissions could not be includ-ed.
The ZIMA executive unreservedly apologises to Qonfuzed, his management team and his fans.
Yours sincerely,
ZIMA Executive Committee

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