Combs Brings Country Music to Life in Edmonton


Edmonton Journal Headline News soon to arrive in your inbox and if you can’t find it, check your junk folder. Country music star Luke Combs performed at a show in Edmonton’s Commonwealth Stadium that had a festival atmosphere. As fans of all ages settled into their seats, video footage of Combs and his family was displayed before he opened with his honky-tonk hit “Lovin’ On You”.

The energy from the crowd was apparent as everyone was quick to their feet with couples swirling and two-stepping. Though the concert had a festival vibe with muggy weather and girls in gauzy dresses, the understated light show allowed the focus to stay on the performers and their music.

Combs sang about everything that is usually expected from country singers, and fans of Country music were present swaying shoulder-to-shoulder and singing along with fists full of beer in the air. The concert was quite eventful as a mid-show marriage proposal occurred while performing “One Number Away”.

The audience was not only limited to Canadian residents, but fans from across the country attended, making it the largest concert at Commonwealth since Garth Brooks played the stadium back in 2022. With approximately 56,000 attendees, the show featured several opening acts before Combs took to the stage.

Combs performed his hit songs such as “She Got the Best of Me,” “Hurricane,” and “1,2 Many. Towards the end of his performance, Combs asked the crowd to “have a beer with him,” and cans of beer were handed out to the audience. Combs then performed “Beer Never Broke My Heart” as his last official song.

After a brief break, the band returned to the stage to play three encores, including involvement from some of the opening acts. For over ten minutes during the extended, instrumental outro for the song, Combs autographed items from the audience, which undoubtedly made for a fan’s dream come true.

The concert was exceptionally eventful, and it was a magical evening of music from several country stars. Fan reactions online have been nothing but thrilled at the concert, with many pointing out that it was the largest one they had ever been to.

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