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The United Islands of Prague Festival, which will celebrate its twentieth birthday on the first weekend of May, publishes the complete program.

The audience will be able to enjoy approximately seventy artists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, France and Luxembourg.

The festival will take place on May 5 and 6 in Kampa, Strelecky Ostrov, Janáček nábřeží and in the clubs Jazz Dock, Klub Famu, Rock Café, Cargo Gallery and Chapeau Rouge. This year too, the festival will be free for all visitors.

“For the vast majority of foreign guests, playing here will be their first time. The Czech audience thus has a great opportunity to come to the premiere concerts of foreign stars coming from, for example, Ireland, Hungary or Luxembourg,” says festival producer Martin Voňka.

In addition to already announced bands such as The Magnettes or Enola Gay, visitors can also look forward to other interesting bands.

The program will include, for example, the Dutch-British band Someone, which stands out not only for its great music, but also for its excellent visual artwork. From Luxembourg, the rapper MAZ, who combines emo-rap with references to punk and metal, will arrive at the festival, and Ria Rua, whose songs have been played on the radio throughout Great Britain and Ireland, will also be present. Germany will be represented by the artpop band Sparkling, whose catchy song Wir Träumen will get everyone dancing, as well as Albertine Sarges, who maintains a sense of comedy in her approach.

From the Czech scene, for example, the singer Aiko, who became the global face of Spotify and appeared on a billboard in New York’s Times Square, or the singer Pam Rabbit, who performed alongside Mikuláš Josef at the world finals of Eurovision, will perform at the festival.

Next, the band Brighter Days will perform, which Klubovna.cz awarded six out of nine nominations for the best bands last year. Alternative singer-songwriter Marjari, singer and rapper Baby G, new rap star Meizyy, metal band Frozen Poppyhead will also perform at the festival, and DJ sets will be performed by EweMä, DJ Ketak and DJ Spherez.

The festival will take place in traditional places, namely on Kampa, Strelecky island, Janáček nábřeží. Artistic ensembles from the home district of Prague 1 will also be presented on the festival stages – for example, the boys’ choir Bruncvík, Haf Studio or Trio Jejda will perform.

“This year’s jubilee 20th year will not only be musically very varied, but also the federal organizations of our first district have accepted the invitation. They will be able to present their work and activities here, which I am personally very happy about,” says David Bodeček, 1st Deputy Mayor of the City of Prague 1.

Admission to the festival is traditionally free for everyone, as part of the concerts and the non-musical program Islands of Inspiration.

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