News of record – April 23, 2023 | Police & Courts


The following is a list of incidents reported to police agencies on April 23; however, the call may have resulted in something other than what was originally reported.


Assault in progress: South Kanawha Street

Attempt to locate: Mercer County

Barking dog: Pine Street

Breaking and entering not in progress: Booker Street

Burglar alarm: 399 Gray Flats Road (Beckley Elementary), 402 Myers Avenue, Scott Avenue, 108 Brookwood Lane

Civil matter: Hartley Avenue

Disturbance: Harper Road (2)

Domestic: Saunders Avenue

Eloped/walked away: 306 Stanaford Road (Beckley Appalachian Regional Healthcare), 4700 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Burlington)

Escort: 454 Cranberry Drive (Hospice of Southern WV)

Extra patrol: 500 block Neville Street, 100 block Powerline Drive, 100 block Sheridan Avenue, 100 block Scott Avenue, 100 block Maplewood Lane, 100 block F. Street, 200 block 7th Street, 300 block Wildwood Avenue

Follow-up call: 501 Neville Street (Beckley City Police Department), 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz)

Found property: McCreery Street

Lost/stolen registration: South Heber Street

Lous music/noise: Reservoir Road

Motor vehicle accident without fluid/injury: 400 block New River Drive

Parking complaint: Edgewood Drive, 200 block South Heber Street

Reckless driver: 1000 block North Eisenhower Drive, 600 block South Eisenhower Drive

Runaway juvenile: Lambert Drive

Shooting: Stanaford Road

Shoplifting: 1408 North Eisenhower Drive (Sheetz)

Suspicious activity: 200 block Allen Avenue, Meadows Court, 501 Neville Street (Beckley City Police Department), Reservoir Road, 100 block Edwards Street

Suspicious person: Leslie C. Gates, Robert C. Byrd Drive

Threats: Wildwood Avenue

Traffic stop: Harper Road and Crescent Road, Robert C. Byrd Drive and Walker Avenue, 1900 block Harper Road, 3300 block Robert C. Byrd Drive, Pinewood Drive and Market Road, 1700 block Harper Road, 2978 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Elevation Sports), 500 block Neville Street, Powerline Drive and Temple Street

Trespassing: 2893 Robert C. Byrd Drive (Sheetz)

Unknown law enforcement problem: 3000 block Robert C. Byrd Drive

Unwanted person: Ellison Avenue, South Eisenhower Drive, Stanaford Drive, 306 Stanaford Road (Beckley Appalachian Regional Healthcare)

Vandalism/destruction of property: Pinewood Drive

911 hangup: Harper Road


No report provided.

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