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Nearly 15,000 people check in every day on average, and Zhuji is a fan of strength!

On April 14th and 15th, Zhuji was very lively. Nearly 30,000 music fans gathered in the hometown of Xishi. Friends from all over the world shouted happily in the music: “Hello, Zhuji!”

Culture is the root of a city’s vitality. Zhuji is the ancient capital of Yue State and the hometown of Xishi. For Zhuji, inheriting and disseminating Xishi culture is the most important thing in shaping Zhuji’s new cultural pattern and improving the city’s image. At the first Xishi Music Festival hosted by Zhuji Cultural Tourism Group, an average of nearly 15,000 people flocked from all over the country every day to meet in Zhuji.

The heavy rain on the first day could not quench the enthusiasm for rock and roll. Some people reveled in the rain, and some enjoyed the romance and tranquility of the rain and the music scene; on the second day, the water steamed and the music came with the wind.

In addition to enjoying the joy brought by the music festival, this music festival is also an excellent opportunity for “Xishi’s hometown is beautiful Zhuji” to show the beauty of Xishi culture and Xishi’s hometown scenic spot for thousands of years to the whole country.

Two-day music festival, falling in love with a city

There is the most rock passion, but also endless tenderness, two days and two nights of performances, 16 bands and musicians such as Second-Hand Rose, Guo Ding, Trojan Horse, Landlord’s Cat, Good Sister, etc. have brought rave reviews, which is very impressive Unforgettable show.

The music fans who entered the venue were as eager as the sunshine gushing out of the scene to welcome this festival dedicated to music. At the beginning of the show, they rushed to the front row with the momentum of a 100-meter sprint, eager to try. Even some music fans who are sick and sitting in wheelchairs don’t want to miss this feast; when they leave, they can still hear unfinished spontaneous chorus from time to time on the road.

The singing brought not only laughter, but also everyone in the city, who overcame all difficulties and devoted all their efforts and manpower to the smooth and safe event, also “singed” for Zhuji. As the host of the music festival, the auxiliary policeman Zhao Zheqi, who had already left work, saw the netizens asking for help and said he was trapped in the rain, so he turned around and drove to the scene to help people out of trouble; the ordinary touch at the end of the performance also belonged to Zhuji people. But they met the kind-hearted elder brother Zhuji who gave them a ride.

At the end of the two-day music festival, many people said: I fell in love with this city.

Xiaoxixi x Xishi Music Festival, creating a new model of IP music festival

This time, Xi Shi’s new IP image “Xiao Xixi” was directly brought into the official poster of the music festival. The lovely Shih Tzu wears earphones and holds an electric guitar in his hand, making all participants deeply remember this younger and more contemporary IP image.

The linkage between Xishi Music Festival and Xiaoxixi has undoubtedly created a precedent for the cultural tourism model of music festivals. Compared with text, IP has a stronger sense of image, higher affinity, and is more likely to attract attention in the Internet age.

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