The 15 adult sexting games you have to play with your partner – and it’s good news for roleplay fans


YOU might think sending a cheeky photo of yourself is as good as sexting gets – but there’s plenty of virtual ways to up the ante.

For a lot of long-distance couples – and ones that just don’t spend as much time together as they’d like – there’s much more you can introduce to get things steamy over text.

There's much more to sexting than sending your beau cheeky pictures


There’s much more to sexting than sending your beau cheeky picturesCredit: Getty

There’s different versions of sex games and roleplaying you can turn digital. 

Think Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather and F**k, Marry, Kill.

As with all sexual experiences, consent is the most important thing, so make sure you check in with your partner that they’re comfortable with whatever you both choose to try.

For couples into mystery, 20 Questions is a good choice.

For this game, you pick a sex-related thing like a sex position, kink or toy and get your partner to ask you yes-or-no questions until they guess. 

Lovers who are into sex toys can go on shopping sprees to either send to each other or build a wish list of tools you want to introduce next time you’re together.

Sexy Truth Or Dare can also be done over text to exchange intimate truths with your partner and try new things even when they’re not with you in person. 

A favourite amongst long-term and long-distance couples is reminiscing on your favourite sex sessions or positions with each other. 

And to keep anticipation in the air, this can be levelled up by discussing sexual fantasies you want to live out next time you see each other. 

Roleplay fans will be pleased to know that this can be done over text too.

Whatever characters you like to play, outline a dynamic or scene that you’re keen to try with your partner and speak through how you’d like it to play out.

Edging is another sex technique than can be done virtually. 

It involves using whatever digital means you can to bring each other close to orgasm, but stopping before it actually happens. 

The idea of edging is that it’s meant to give a more intense and longer orgasm when you finally let your body run free. 

A number of adults love to listen to music while having sex, too.

Thanks to modern technology, you can now build sex playlists for each other – or make a joint one – with some of your favourite songs to get you in the mood.

The playlist can then be used both when you’re together and for solo sessions to remind you of your long-distance beau.

Cosmopolitan recommends a game called Horny MadLibs. 

It involves writing your own erotic story over text with some blanks and getting your partner to fill them in. 

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In the same vein, you can read some steamy literature at the same time then discuss it over text. 

You can also make a game out of swapping porn clips if that’s something you’re both into. 

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