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Pop, folk music, classical, aria… enjoy the beauty of art in colorful notes

Hangzhou Daily News Pop music, folk music, classical music, and aria constitute the most beautiful sounds in Hangzhou April Day. This past weekend, the world classic opera “Carmen” was played magnificently in the Opera House of Hangzhou Grand Theater; in the Four Seasons Amphitheater blowing in the evening breeze, the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music sang the melody of youth, and the Hangzhou Yifeng Chinese Orchestra plucked the charm of Jiangnan; walked into the elegant Music fans continued to move freely with the young conductor Jinyu Kuang, the Neoclassical Chamber Orchestra and the Tiankong Choir.

This April, a city-wide music event with more diverse styles and wider audiences will continue to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Hangzhou citizens. Music fans will get what they need at the 2023 Hangzhou International Music Festival, have fun, enjoy art and the beauty of spring.

Since its inception, the Hangzhou International Music Festival has always insisted on presenting an opera work at the music festival every year, and this year’s music festival is no exception. Last night, the 2023 Hangzhou International Music Festival invited the Central Opera House to bring the world classic opera “Carmen” to Hangzhou audiences.

The opera “Carmen” is the representative work of French composer Georges Bizet. Since its premiere at the Central Opera House in 1982, “Carmen” has been performed nearly 200 times and is the most frequently performed classic opera in the world. . The performance was directed by Liu Yunzhi, the director of the Central Opera House, and Yang Yang, the music director and chief conductor of the Central Opera House, gathered a group of the most powerful young artists of the Central Opera House.

That night, whether it was Carmen played by mezzo-soprano Niu Shasha, matador Escamilio played by baritone Yu Jingren, or Don Jose played by tenor Li Shuang…every singer Everyone contributed wonderful arias and dialogues, and the melodies of different personalities will show the colorful characters’ lives. “Song of the Gypsy Song”, “Song of the Matador”, “Song of the Flower” and many other classic arias were staged one after another, leading the audience into the song of destiny of Carmen, a beautiful and rebellious gypsy girl.

In the orchestra pit, conductor Yang Yang perfectly integrated Bizet’s music style and Spanish national colors with his superb skills and familiar insights, and led the symphony orchestra and singers to go hand in hand. It is worth mentioning that Spanish-style dance and percussion instruments were added to the performance, which enhanced the rhythm and atmosphere of the opera. All the audience was immersed in it, and dedicated the cheers and applause to Carmen who pursued love and freedom. On April 20, the play will continue to be staged at the Deqing Grand Theater.

Last night, at the same time on the stage of the Qiantang River Music Festival, there was also a special concert of Hangzhou Yifeng Chinese Orchestra “Welcome to the Asian Games Chaoguo Music” and a concert of Tiankong Chorus “I Love This Land”. In addition, last weekend, the young conductor Jin Yukuang brought the “post-00s” neoclassical chamber orchestra to his youthful appearance, and the Zhejiang Conservatory of Music also presented three wonderful performances for young audiences – a special concert and a “journey” themed concert , Three Rock Jazz Big Band Series Concerts. This year’s Hangzhou International Music Festival has not only broadened the boundaries of elegant art and created infinite possibilities for music, but also injected a lot of fresh blood into the industry, with rising young musicians and refreshing ideas and works.

Source: Hangzhou Daily Author: Photo by reporter Li Weiwen and Ding Yijie Editor: Chen Dong

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