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Tencent Music Entertainment Group, the leading online music and audio entertainment platform in China, announced that its QQ Music has launched the global original music competition THE ONE, and global music media brand Billboard China will be the exclusive media partner for this competition.



See latest videos, charts and news

See latest videos, charts and news

The competition has invited talented singers, songwriters and musicians around the world including TIA RAY, Lenka and Greyson Chance to act as THE ONE ambassadors for the competition, together auditioning new original celebrities. THE ONE aims to continue to help talented Chinese musicians and high-quality original songs to go abroad and convey the voice of China to the world.

Based on this cooperation, TME will integrate its leading technology, profound industrial and user insights, comprehensive service systems in the Chinese music industry with global resources, influence and international high standards to provide talented musicians with a full range of services from the first demo recordings to the release of songs, as well as global promotion and customized performances, which will support Chinese stars on the world stage in all aspects.

THE ONE competition will be segmented into three major competition units — “Musical Work,” “Fresh Face” and “Label,” for songwriters, emerging musicians and quality labels, respectively — to provide a fair stage for competition and communication among different types of players with different audition mechanisms. Among them, the “Musical Work” unit will gather works from all over the world through TME’s Qimingxing Music Assistant, while at the same time invite famous Chinese original musicians such as Bird Zhang, L.T. and Ma SiWei, Mikey Jiao and Chen Zhuoxuan to participate. The “Fresh Face” unit will be strategically combined with Tencent Musician Platform’s New Forces project to identify excellent artists in the new generation, while the “Label” unit will collect original music works from high-quality labels globally, introducing independent labels valuing the quality of music creation and the diversity of music styles into the world’s spotlight, and bringing more “Chinese treasures” to global music fans.

The competition will eventually select and produce a conceptual music collection of THE ONE. The collection will be distributed globally through TME Music Cloud, including but not limited to overseas channels such as Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and others. The collection will also receive massive promotional traffic support and core resources from TME’s various platforms including QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music and Tencent Musician Platform, as well as being featured on the Billboard China master song list Golden Ears. In addition, honorees will also have the opportunity to participate in a special collaborative performance with Billboard Live in Shanghai, representing China’s high-quality original force on the global stage to bring exciting performances to music fans around the world.

With this partnership, TME will continue to strengthen its in-depth collaboration with more music industry partners, bringing more quality original works and exciting performances to music lovers around the world. TME will continue the exploration of value patterns for the construction of Chinese music’s global influence, supporting and accompanying the birth and bloom of high-quality original Chinese music.

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