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We all have a common heritage in Hurricane as most of the early settlers of our community that was named Esperanza, supposedly titled that for a Chickasaw princess with a name of Spanish origin that translates as “hope” into English, arrived in the land area known as the Chickasaw Cession in 1836 as part of the exodus from the Eastern seaboard of the United States as this population started the westward migration for land expansions as the young nation was out-growling the original 13 colonies. The tales of virgin forests and uncultivated lands lured those farming pioneers or even plantation owners from Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia to our “neck of the woods” as our hamlet abuts three counties that includes Pontotoc, Union and Lafayette. Still the gateway to our neighborhood is the Mud Creek bridge on Hwy. 346 as in those early days, the Native American travelers traversed this creek via a giant, white oak by running their ponies across the tree felled by nature, and it spanned the waterway that was called “achuba” by the First Americans as the traditions established for the upcoming New Year’s celebratory foods, customs and drinks incorporate a mixture of English, Scottish, Irish and Native American traditions and even superstitions for a successful entry into the New Year 2023! So get out those ‘Hoppin’ John‘ recipes and incorporate a common core of black-eyed peas, rice, a ham hock or thick, bacon slices, a touch of local greens for prosperity and tomatoes for health, plus put a dime in the pot for luck in finances for the person that is served the money. The completion of a true, Southern meal is hot, honey-baked cornbread as this is also seen as a touch of gold as that is always good in one’s financial outlook. So enjoy these dishes throughout the week as a big, Dutch oven will feed “Kith and Kin” from January 1 on Sunday ‘til’ “Doomsday” as that also tells of a continuance of holiday leftovers In the Deep South! Enjoy! 

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