Glen Matlock criticises UK government and Brexit

Former Sex Pistols bassist and songwriter Glen Matlock recently appeared on BBC Breakfast News and delivered a scathing take on the state of the British music industry thanks to the government and the impacts of Brexit. 

Matlock appeared on the show to promote his incendiary new single ‘Head On A Stick’ and his forthcoming album, Consequences Coming, which arrives in April. Of his new album, he explained to Clash last week: “The album was written and recorded in Britain over the last 18 months or so with a posse of seasoned but on point performers. All done during the debacle that is Brexit and the rise and fall of the turgid Trump episode in the US. These songs reflect my take on the whole sorry mess that has ensued.”

Matlock added” “Now the wheels of the music business can sometimes move at a lugubrious, glacial pace, and sometimes the moment might be lost but seeing no break in the clouds or clear light at the end of the tunnel, surely the only demand on people’s lips should be that there are Consequences Coming for the fat headed oafs who have foisted their asinine warped sensibilities on us.”

When sitting down on BBC Breakfast, Matlock extended his campaign against the powers that be, criticising the government, Brexiteers and the BBC itself. Of ‘Head On A Stick’, he said: “It’s coming from an album called Consequences Coming… and I think there are some consequences coming for the people who represent us.”

When asked if he was still as angry as during his punk days, the former Sex Pistols man replied: “In a different way. I’m livid. I’m livid, as a musician, about the loss of our movement in 27 countries and how it’s hamstrung us.”

Matlock compared the lyrics of his new track to those of Pete Seeger and then said that the Conservative government have “made a right cock up of things… and I would like to see their heads – metaphorically – on sticks”.

Noting the anniversary of Brexit coming into effect, Matlock said: “I know the BBC have to push the government line a little bit. I can’t see any (benefits). And lots of people can’t see any.”

The punk legend concluded: “The EU offered our government a way around it… and our government turned it down.”

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