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Dominic Berry, a senior at Fort Dodge Senior High, enjoys participating in the school’s fine arts programs.

Being involved in fine arts has given Dominic Berry the chance to break out of his shell.

Before being involved at Fort Dodge Senior High School, Berry shied away from things.

“It’s important for me to be involved because these programs have helped me a lot,” Berry said. “Before I joined them I was really quiet and shy, and after participating I am a lot more comfortable around people.”

As a Dodger, Berry is involved in marching band, symphonic band, jazz band, orchestra, speech and has been in the fall play. Outside of high school, Berry participates in 4-H.

On the musical side, Berry plays the baritone saxophone and mallets in band and the violin in orchestra.

“It is hard being in both, as sometimes the class periods alternate days,” Berry said. “But I love both classes and can’t imagine not being in them.”

The opportunity to share thoughts through a musical instrument is a different method of sharing.

“It allows you to express things without using words and it also challenges your brain in a different way,” Berry said. “It’s almost like speaking a different language.”

Band allows Berry the chance to build different relationships with his peers.

“I like the opportunities that it (marching band) gives and the friendships it can offer,” Berry said. “I probably wouldn’t have met some of my friends if I was not in the marching band.”

While not being involved in high school activities, Berry takes part in 4-H.

“In 4-H I participate in the horse project and the hobby animal project,” Berry said. “Around the end of May the horse project starts meeting and we work on various skills like care and health of the horse, showmanship, and other basic skills leading up to the fair where we have the option to show.”

While being involved in all the fine arts, making notes has helped Berry stay prepared.

“I’m definitely someone who forgets things quickly so sometimes it can be difficult,” Berry said. “My main trick is to write things down as soon as possible and set reminders on my phone.”

Sharing his musical talents and being able to express himself is a big part of performing for Berry.

“I like the feeling I get when I step onto a stage, even when I can’t tell if it’s excitement or nerves,” Berry said. “I also enjoy just performing for other people, especially if it’s something that I relate to a lot.”

While at Fort Dodge Senior High, Berry was part of the marching band trip to the Liberty Bowl.

“One of my favorite moments is performing at the Liberty Bowl in front of everybody on an instrument I just started on,” Berry said. “I was offered to switch instruments from percussion to saxophone and was asked to play saxophone on the trip.”

After high school, the Dodger seinor plans on attending a four-year university to focus on music and possibly music education.

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