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Over the years, Meng Hetang and Zhou Jiuliang’s partnership gives people the biggest feeling: joy and peace of mind. Whether talking about cross talk together or doing business separately, the two can take care of each other, think about each other, and treat their partners as friends and family members. No, at the backstage of the Tianjin Satellite TV Crosstalk Spring Festival Gala, the two both made an appearance, introduced delicious food and fun in Tianjin, and also acted as “Spring Festival anti-fraud propagandists”.

On the second night of the Lunar New Year, the two will bring a sister chapter of last year’s cross talk Spring Festival Gala. Are you ready to have a good laugh?

Mix and match cross-border plus self-discipline

When it comes to actors who are good at singing and dancing in the Deyun Club, Meng Hetang is definitely ranked high, and was even named “the best dancer in the Deyun Club” in an internal vote. In this cross talk Spring Festival Gala, Meng Hetang will continue to show his talents in various aspects. He said: “I have collaborated with Lao Qin (Qin Xiaoxian) in singing. As for the cross talk Spring Festival Gala, we still focus on cross talk and return to our original heart. I hope our works and stage can serve everyone. It will bring a refreshing feeling to the audience.” When talking about the cross talk works of this evening, his partner Zhou Jiuliang introduced: “This year’s work is actually a sister piece to last year’s cross talk Spring Festival Gala. The topic is similar, and the content is more exciting than last year. I hope you like it. .”

Throughout last year, the two ran non-stop in theaters, studios and variety shows, which can be described as “tired and happy”. Even in this busyness, the two still kept a high degree of synchronization. Recently, Meng Hetang talked about self-discipline in a cross-border talk show on a program: “On the previous program, the director asked us to take off our clothes. People like us who are not in good shape are not willing to take off Yes, but Wu Zun not only did it at the time, but also did push-ups! I said that we are not uncooperative, we are ‘unworthy’! In fact, self-discipline is a lifelong thing, and it includes many aspects, behave well and do things down-to-earth It’s also a form of self-discipline.”

But in another show, Zhou Jiuliang faced the self-discipline test of body and food. In the sunny and beautiful scenery, he turned a blind eye to the food and ate grass with all his heart. He was named the “broccoli killer” of the audience. After unremitting self-discipline, Jiuliang’s health index in the show has increased from 40 to 80. He doubled his health and said that he “changed his fate against the sky”. The changes brought about by self-discipline are visible to the naked eye.

Zhou does not leave Meng Meng does not leave Zhou

When 34-year-old Meng Hetang and 28-year-old Zhou Jiuliang, this year’s partners said that cross talk has entered the 13th year. Meng Xianghui and Zhou Hang back then are one of the most popular groups in Deyun Club today. They have gone through the youthful rebellious period and the bottleneck period in their careers. Now they trust each other and take care of each other. They are prosperous and full of warmth.

In terms of style, Meng Hetang has a strong ability to imitate and is versatile, and his work is often “explosive”. Although Zhou Jiuliang is young, he is mature and witty, good at willow work, and can play a very good role as a fan. After 8 years of hard work, Meng Hetang and Zhou Jiuliang won the championship in “Crosstalk There Are Newcomers” in 2018 and became a blockbuster. Meng Hetang said affectionately: “Thanks to my partner, and I am most grateful to him!” The two embraced together. After winning the championship in “Deyun Douxiao Club”, Meng Hetang once again thanked his old partner: “Thanks to Zhou Jiuliang for his professional ability, which helped me get a good ranking!” People can shine and achieve each other.

Many fans still remember Zhou Jiuliang’s “card point” celebrating Meng Hetang’s birthday the year before last: at 11:33, the connotation of blessing: the two have worked together for 11 years, and Meng Hetang has reached the age of 33. This kind of friendship and dedication is very rare. Li Yunjie once wrote “Zhou Buli Meng Meng Buli Zhou” for the two brothers, presumably this is also the voice of them and fans.

Do this with the mentality of living life

Behind the scenery of “a glass of wine in the spring breeze of peaches and plums” is the polishing, thinking and breakthrough of “Ten Years of Night Rain in the Rivers and Lakes”. No matter how busy they are, the two of them will adapt to new jokes and discuss how to improve their business. Meng Hetang summed up the fire between the two as “luck, luck”. Luck must only be reserved for those who are prepared. From their words, we can see their awe of the cross talk business, “No one can guarantee you Huo, make sure you can make a lot of money. From the day you learn cross talk and come on stage, you have to have the heart to live.”

The stage is hot, but the two people in the audience can remain humble and thoughtful. There was once a variety show competition, and the two brothers had a fair mind about whether they won the championship or not. Zhou Jiuliang said: “A friend told me: Brother, you must win the championship, because this is a testimony of your career. This sentence is very correct when you hear it the first time, but after careful consideration, I am a cross talk talker. I am a cross talk actor, not a contestant, so I just talk about cross talk on stage and it’s over, that’s what I’m thinking about now.”

Fancy promotion of good places in Tianjin

Some people commented that Zhou Jiuliang was “young and mature, and the typhoon is too cold”, but Zhou Jiuliang disagreed. He evaluated himself as a “sunny young man”. This is not in the promotional video of the cross talk Spring Festival Gala. Fans are sighing “Jiuliang smiles so happily!”

In the short video promoting the crosstalk Spring Festival Gala, the two acted as “anti-fraud propagandists” in an unusual way: Zhou Jiuliang started his performance: “Congratulations on getting a ticket for Tianjin Deyun Society, hey, this scammer asked me to arrest him.” Got it!” Meng Hetang’s catchphrase was particularly smooth: “”Remind the audience friends that if you want to hear the cross talk of Deyun Club, you must buy tickets from regular channels. Tianjin Deyun Club not only has cross talk, but also drum music performances. After the performance, you can take a cruise on the Shanghai River to visit the scenery, and cross the Lion Grove Bridge, Jiefang Bridge, Chifeng Bridge, Daguangming Bridge…” After finishing speaking, Meng Hetang’s “chatter box” was not closed, “We especially like to be on the side of the road. Listening to the Tianjin uncles chatting, playing chess, and playing Tai Chi, their chats are simply wonderful, and they are all jokes. Zhou Jiuliang took the words: “Indeed, walking in this city feels very comfortable and comfortable.” “

In the middle of the interview, Meng Hetang suddenly remembered something: “I suddenly remembered, the braised flounder in Tianjin, the taste is amazing! Hey, have you finished asking? We have to hurry to eat now… “Finally, they did not forget to send New Year’s greetings to the readers of Xinbao: “I wish you all a better health and a better career in the new year. Let us set a goal together and work hard to achieve it!”

Xinbao reporter Wang Yifei

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