Zara Larsson acquires her entire catalogue and launches own label – Music News

Zara Larsson has acquired the rights to her entire recording catalogue and announced her own record label, Sommer House.

The Swedish pop star – whose songs have been streamed over 9 billion times – has agreed a unique deal with independent label TEN Music Group CEO Ola Hakansson – who originally signed the ‘Ain’t My Fault’ hitmaker in 2011.

Zara, 24, said in a statement: “?I really want to say thank you to Ola and everyone at TEN for giving me the opportunity to break out as an artist and helping me start my career. You are now also making something happen that is so, so rare for a woman in the music industry – the capability to own my own catalogue. With that it makes perfect sense that I would start my own record company. I very much look forward to my future and to a continued collaboration with Sony as well.’

Ola commented: “This is a natural and exciting development in Zara’s continuing music career.

“We have worked together for more than 10 fantastic, eventful years and Zara is, despite her young age, an established and respected international artist with extensive experience of the international music scene today. It is going to be really exciting to follow Zara’s ongoing music career. I wish her the best of luck, and I am convinced the she is going to achieve all her musical dreams and get to show her amazing artistry on the worlds biggest stages.”

The ‘Never Forget You’ singer’s label will be licensed through Epic USA and distributed by Sony Sweden for all of her upcoming releases.

Zara recently shared a version of Swedish icon’s ABBA’s hit ‘Lay All Your Love On Me’ exclusively for Spotify Singles.

Epic CEO Slvia Rhone added: “Zara is a cornerstone artist for Epic Records. As she continues to deliver incredible music, we’re privileged and excited to be part of the next chapter of her dynamic career.”

More new music is expected this autumn, and Zara is also embarking on a European tour this summer.


Burlesque Performer Organizes Symbolic Burial for Artists’ Pandemic Losses

Denver burlesque performer and producer Melissa May, known by the stage name Polka Dottie, originally had a straightforward name for her upcoming event: “Colorado Artists: Let’s Mourn the Opportunities Lost to COVID Together.” Although she changed the name to Ghost Light, the event’s message remains the same, and artists from around Colorado will gather at HQ on Monday, May 16, to showcase their art and have a symbolic burial for the artistic opportunities lost during the pandemic.

For many artists, those opportunities aren’t coming back. “I had all this momentum going, all these things planned. And then it stopped,” May reflects.

She says that during quarantine, her motivation and creativity came to a halt. It wasn’t until two years later that her passion for art served as motivation to keep going after losing so much.

“After discussing this topic with several other artists, I realized that the world hasn’t made time or space for us to mourn what could have been, so I wanted to create that opportunity for those desiring closure,” May explains.

She began contacting artists across Colorado to partake in the event. She got the inspiration for the new name from ghost lights, the single bulbs that theaters use to light a stage when it is unoccupied. Ghost lights were also used as a symbol of hope during the lockdown.

Any type of artist is invited to join, from drag performers to painters, sculptors, actors, singers, dancers, tattoo artists and more. The artists are invited to share their losses in a eulogy of sorts, and to bring works to display. During the time artists will be given to speak, items will be shared, and explanations of their meaning will be presented. Being able to speak about these items out loud and share them with others will be a crucial part of the mourning and closure that May hopes to bring to artists with the event.

“Don’t take the arts for granted,” she says, urging the general public to help support artists during these hard times in any way possible. Whether through financial or promotional avenues, any amount of support counts.

“We stayed home, we stayed brave, and we kept the light on. But we never got closure. Let’s create it together,” May says.

Ghost Light, 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 16, at HQ, 60 South Broadway. Entry is free. For updates, follow @misspolkadottie on Instagram.


Emeli Sande: ‘I wanted to inspire thought and being in control of your destiny’ – Music News

Emeli Sandé joins The Rebecca Judd Show to discuss her new album, ‘Let’s Say For Instance’. She shares how the recent lockdown made her reevaluate her priorities, reflects on the process of making her new album and more.

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music About The Title Of Her New Album ‘Let’s Say For Instance’…
‘Let’s Say for Instance’. Well, I really wanted to call it this because I wanted to inspire thought and being in control of your destiny, and I think until you can imagine something it’s not possible. And I think a lot of people get stuck in depression or low vibrations because they just don’t think a better or brighter future is possible. So, I was like, “Okay, let’s say for instance it is.” Forget all the things that will… logically it’s not going to happen, it’s… Let’s say for instance, you do deserve a great life. Let’s say for instance, you do deserve love in your life. The future is going to be amazing. Let’s just say for instance, so it can just place that little bit of that spec of hope in someone’s head and then we move forward.

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music What She Wants People To Take Away From Her New Album..
I just want to give people a headspace from the beginning of the album to the end, just a bit of freedom and a place where they can feel encouraged, inspired, and also just have a bit of fun. I really want to give people release with the music and definitely during lockdown, because I used to study medicine. I have a lot of friends who are now doctors and obviously we’re talking about the NHS so much, the frontline workers. I was like, “Whoa, what is my use? Music is a wonderful thing for entertaining and it’s… I’m privileged and I love to make music. It’s great for me, but what am I actually giving to people, and how can I heal through the music?” So, that was something that was always on my mind. Through the music, how can I connect and heal and give something beyond entertainment?

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music How Lockdown Made Her Re-evaluate…
You really have to re-evaluate yourself and your worth and your priorities in life. So yeah, being with my family was amazing. I have a little nephew, he’s only about three. So, being around his innocence and completely unaware of what was going on, really helped me. Having a studio at home was a massive blessing, so I could really just put all that energy, all those thoughts into the music and actually have a project to work on. I think that was my saving grace to be honest.

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music About Longevity In The Music Industry…
To be in the industry for 10 years, it’s not an easy thing to do. And to still have passion for music, I feel proud of myself to… despite the highs and lows, to still have that in my heart. I’m still excited to make music. I’m still excited to be on stage. And yeah, I just feel proud that I was able to… It was a big risk moving to London. I only knew two people.


See Photos of Famous Rock Stars With Their Moms

An artist’s relationship with their mom plays a big part in the kind of music they make, and how successful they become. Just ask Freud. (Actually, don’t.)

The poster mom for Moms of Rock Stars is probably Virginia Grohl, mother of Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana, (who she quaintly calls “David.”) Mrs. Grohl penned From The Cradle to the Stage, the story of how she raised a child who would go on to become one of rock’s greatest stars.

Although songs about moms vary in subject matter, from “Mama, I’m Coming Home” (Ozzy,) to “Mother” (Danzig,) to “Stacy’s Mom” (Fountains of Wayne,) most moms IRL are the support that burgeoning rockers need to take it to the next level.

Check out the moms of these stars below and compare them side-by-side to their now famous kids.  And Happy Mother’s Day!

Moms of Rock Stars

Honoring the mothers of great musicians on Mother’s Day. Word to your Moms!



UB40 featuring Ali Campbell set for Hampton Court Palace Festival – Music News

UB40 featuring Ali Campbell are the final act confirmed for Hampton Court Palace Festival 2022.

The legendary group will play the historical landmark on June 9, and fans can expect all the hits, including ‘Red Red Wine’ and ‘(I Can’t Help) Falling In Love With You’.

Last month, Ali and his bandmates played a batch of shows in the UK in memory of UB40’s Astro.

The multi-instrumentalist – who played percussion, trumpet, and sang in the legendary reggae-pop band – sadly passed away after a “very short illness” aged 64 in November.

Ali, 63, said in a statement announcing the shows at the time: “I can’t wait to get back on stage and see all our wonderful fans. It’s going to be incredibly difficult without Astro by my side.

Remembering Astro, let the music play on.

Big love, Ali.”

Hampton Court Palace Festival will also see performances from the likes of Elbow, McFly, Kasey Musgraves, Crowded House, Jack Savoretti, and The Human League.

At the open-air festival, artists perform in an intimate 3,000-seat auditorium in Base Court, set against the backdrop of Henry VIII’s Tudor Palace.

Punters at the shows will be able to picnic in the Palace Gardens, with plenty of street food options available, and there will also be Waterside Gazebos for those wanting to “sit back and relax in luxury”.

The festival is selling exclusive dining and corporate entetainment packages in the palace’s state apartments, including three course dinner, private dining and access to the palace, plus champagne and fine wine.

Tickets for UB40 go onsale at 10am Tuesday, March 29, all other concerts are on sale now, available at www.hamptoncourtpalacefestival.com.

The full schedule is as follows:

Thursday 9th June, UB40

Friday 10th June, Elbow

Saturday 11th June, Elbow

Wednesday 15th June, McFly

Thursday 16th June, George Benson

Friday 17th June, Jack Savoretti

Saturday 18th June, Ministry of Sound Classical

Wednesday 22nd June, Kacey Musgraves

Thursday 23rd June, The Human League

Friday 24th June, Michael Ball and Alfie Boe

Saturday 25th June, Crowded House