Muffler Joins The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, An Unusual Collaboration with Journalist Ian Urbina

Muffler Album Cover for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, a project by Ian Urbina

I’m excited to have the opportunity to use my music, combined with Ian’s extensive reporting, to spread the message further. I hope listeners will hear the stories of The Outlaw Ocean in my EP.”

— Muffler for The Outlaw Ocean Music Project

WASHINGTON DC, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, July 4, 2022 / — In a thoughtful video, musician Muffler explains why he joined forces with investigative reporter Ian Urbina to draw attention to human rights and environmental abuses at sea within The Outlaw Ocean Music Project.

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project, run by the label Synesthesia Media, is a global and expansive effort to disseminate The Outlaw Ocean Project’s investigative journalism to a broader audience by releasing music inspired by offshore reporting.

Spanning genres from classical to hip-hop to electronic, hundreds of musicians from around the world have joined the effort. Many of the artists who participate in the project draw from an audio archive of field recordings captured by Urbina while reporting offshore.

Muffler is a producer with serious credentials. He is one of the few producers who have had releases on almost all top drum ‘n’ bass labels including Hospital Records, Moving Shadow, Spearhead Records, DSCI4, Commercial Suicide, Program, Urban Takeover, SubHuman, SighCo Recordings and Unique Music Records.

His songs tell the stories of what actually happens within seafood companies, intending to bring awareness surrounding the final consumer products sold in stores.

“​​More than that, I hope this collaboration of thorough journalism and rich music paves the way to even more impactful storytelling,” Muffler said.

The musician from Finland composed an EP called “The Frontier Beyond” covering ambient and electronic style in his five songs.

Synesthesia Media announces new waves of releases monthly on its social media.

About The Outlaw Ocean Project:

The Outlaw Ocean Project is a non-profit journalism organization founded by Ian Urbina that produces investigative stories about environmental and human rights concerns at sea globally. The project seeks to not only produce polished, narrative investigative journalism, but also to amplify that reportage by converting it into other mediums to reach new audiences all over the world.

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Behind The Music: Muffler | #TheOutlawOceanMusicProject | Ian Urbina


Renowned Violinist Bernadett Talks New Music, New Home, And How She Got Her Start – IndiePulse Music Magazine

Bernadett Nyari hails from Budapest, Hungary and was born into a musician family. Her maternal grandfather was József B. Suha, one of Hungary’s greatest violinists. He was also a composer and his compositions are played worldwide to this day.

Bernadett has become a global traveler entertaining audiences by performing in many countries around the world. She has performed more than in 90 countries, and 150 cities. Her powerful stage presence is underlined by a captivating elegance. She took time from her busy touring and recording schedule, to answer some questions about her forthcoming single release, “Palladio” and her musical origins…

Hello Bernadett! It’s an honor to be interviewing you. Thank you so kindly for taking the time to answer some questions for our readers.

First off, tell us about your musical background. How and when did you first pick up the violin, and what was your inspiration for becoming a performer?

When I was a little kid, my parents asked me which instrument I would like to play. I chose the violin. Of course when I realized, that I need to practice, to be able to become a violinist, I never wanted to play again. I only practiced 10 minutes twice a week, before my violin class and I said to my parents I will never be a violinist.

My elementary school had a choir, and when I was 13 years old they went for a 2 week concert tour around Italy. The conductor asked me to join them and play some songs on the violin. So of course, I did that. This was the last concert of the tour, the biggest concert of the tour. 300-400 Italian people in the audience.  When I finished the song, everybody stood up and started to scream: Brava, brava, bravissima.

That moment, I looked around, and I said to myself… I will be a violinist. This was the moment when I decided and this was my inspiration for becoming a performer. 

Do you remember the first song you ever played on violin?

Of course. It was a little Hungarian song in the very basic violin book. Egy boszorka van. Which means: There is a witch

What is your absolute favorite composition to play?

I am not sure I can answer this question. There are so many beautiful songs and compositions in so many different styles and I love so many of them. I don’t think I could choose just one.

Is there a song that is especially difficult that you haven’t been able to master yet?

The thing is, that in the classical repertoire there are thousands of incredible pieces. Unfortunately a whole life is not enough to master all of them. Not because of the difficulty level. Just because to master a classical piece you really need time. So of course there are many classical pieces which I have not mastered yet, but also I do not play so much classical music anymore.

If I would choose one classical song, which I did not master yet and I would love to master it one day, is: Ysaye: Sonata No 3 in D minor, Ballade Op. 27

What drives you? What inspires you to be the very best you can?

My Grandfather. He was an incredible violinist and composer. He made his own music as well, he wrote magical songs. His biggest dream was to come to the United States and perform his songs there for American audiences. Unfortunately because of the political situation in Hungary that time, it never happened and he never made it to the USA. This is what drives me. This is the reason why I moved to the United States and this is the reason why I became a violinist. I would like to make his dreams come true and I will do everything in my power to share his story and his music and his life with everybody in the USA. I really hope one day people will sing his songs.

What is the largest crowd that you’ve ever performed for?

12 thousand people 

Do you ever get stage fright, and if so, how do you overcome it?

Not really. I am a little nervous only before the concert backstage. But maybe only 2-3-5 min before the show. However it only lasts until the first song. When I play the first song and I can feel the people’s energy I feel perfect and home on stage.

Tell us about your home in Miami, FL. How is it different from Hungary?

I think if you want to talk about this, we need to have another interview and talk only about it. 🙂

It is very very very different. Not only Miami compared to Budapest. I would say the USA compared to Europe. I think the only thing in common is that in both places people live. 🙂 Besides jokes… I love both places and no one can say which place is better. There are so many great things in the USA, which we do not have in Europe at all and there are so many beautiful things in Europe which we do not have in the USA. People are different, food is different, culture is different. Even the way we put gas in the car is different. 

But seriously, I am more than happy to talk much more about this in another interview. 🙂

You have a new single coming out, “Palladio.” Can you tell us all about it?

Palladio is one of my favorite songs composed by Karl Jenkins. It’s a relatively new song, but still has an amazing classical style, kind of Vivaldi, which is very rare in nowadays music.  I am working on two new albums at the moment:  The World on My Strings and Redemption.

The first one is going to come out this year. It will have only cover songs from around the world. Of course all in my personal arrangement. I have been to more than 90 countries and 150 cities around the world. I learned so much about cultures, people, music etc. I often say, My violin is my passport. 

However I know, unfortunately many people around the world are not able to travel. I will dedicate this album to those people. I will ask them to come with me to a musical journey. I will take you around the world with my violin without you needing to buy a flight ticket or without leaving your living room. Of course I can’t put 90 songs from 90 countries on the album, because the journey would be too long then. 🙂 But I will put beautiful songs from Hungary, USA, Italy, Croatia, France, Serbia, Israel, England etc. Palladio will be one of the songs from the album.

There is an amazing video for the song. Tell us about that.

Thank you so much. Yes the video was recorded in a Hungarian Theater and it has a very important message so I really hope many many people around the world will receive this message from us.  In the 4 minutes of the video the audience can perfectly witness how a woman-(artist) can become independent of men relying completely on herself.  According to the Recording Academy, less than a quarter of the artists on the charts last year were women. I think the video makes a powerful statement showing a woman taking center stage and claiming her worth as an artist.

Thank you again for your time. We appreciate it! Good luck with the new single and video!

Thank you so much. It was my pleasure. 


FSOL. No 218 Borderline Toxic

London alt-rock band Borderline Toxic rage against judgement and beauty stereotypes on new single ‘Blood Sucking Beauty Queen’ and they become our next First Signs of Love featured band.

RCM First Signs of Love

Our First Signs of Love feature is about the moment you find a new artist to love, and you simply can’t get enough. Discover more from our archive.

Borderline Toxic – Blood Sucking Beauty Queen

Blood Sucking Beauty Queen is a playful poke in the eye of beauty industry stereotypes. It’s all empowerment, no filter.

Borderline Toxic were born in lockdown after British drummer Pete RayBiggin (Level 42, Amy Winehouse, Chaka Khan) introduced Kerry Glass to Norwegian drummer/producer Henrik Fossum (Brand New Heavies, Level 42, James Arthur) and the seeds of the band were sewn. 

Scottish-born lead singer Kerry Glass grew up on a diet of Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alice in Chains and KoRn. Despite her obvious attraction to rock, she only started writing her own songs in lockdown, initially just to escape the boredom.

“I never thought I could write songs to be honest, and then I sent my boyfriend one of those big, scripted messages. The first thing he said was, you’re a songwriter! I said no I’m not, I’m annoyed. No, you’re a songwriter…” [Kerry Glass]

The name ‘Borderline Toxic’ came to Glass in a moment of serendipity following a particularly passionate row with her partner, which Glass recalls was ‘borderline toxic’. 

While writing the song, Kerry drew on her frustrations of conforming to stereotypes. Released to coincide with the start of Pride Month BSBQ sticks a middle finger up to society’s obsession with judging people on their looks. It’s a powerful call to arms.

This angst is released to glorious effect in the accompanying music video which gives the floor to a vast array of alternative performers, dancers and actors provoking viewers to ask “What is sexy?”.

Crunching riffs are offset with an infectious pop-inspired chorus enhanced by Glass’ Scottish accent. This is an exhilarating celebration of real beauty!

Kerry Glass revels in her role as the rebel-rousing ring-leader, pitched somewhere between the grunge cool of Courtney Love and the sassy pop princess of Gwen Stefani.

She was born to do this!

Discover more from Borderline Toxic

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Words Mark Knight


Zahra’s Sophomore EP is a Piano-Driven Introspective Journey of Embracing Being Alone (Premier) | Premieres

Brand new release, in my company, is the sophomore EP by emerging artist Zahra and, for someone whose first release was only last year, it’s extremely impressive. It sounds like an EP of an artist who’s been releasing music for a few years, in fact. It’s a polished, high-quality, passionate piece of art.

The first song, naturally, starts with some light piano with a subtle hollow sound to it, with some emotional ‘oh’s being sung over the top. This opening track is a soft one, sung tentatively as she expresses her feelings of being alone, with the focal line of the chorus being ‘I was all on my own’. However, what’s different about this EP is that being alone isn’t expressed negatively or in a sad way at all. This whole EP is Zahra’s way of explaining that she used her alone time to grow into her authentic, true self.

Zahra says: “This EP is about spending time and healing in my own company. Being alone with myself has become my medicine. It has been the best way for me to grow into a more authentic version of myself and as I grow up, I realize being truly authentic to myself is the only way I want to move through life. If my decisions aren’t coming from my authentic self, I’ll only move towards places that make me unhappy and unfulfilled”.

The third track of this 5-song body of work is called i like my company, and it starts with a line of social commentary, ‘I’m in a room where people only care if they’re being liked and I cannot take this all night’. This really emphasises how Zahra’s perspective is different from those around her, as she doesn’t feel the same need to be liked by others. This is portrayed further with the line ‘there’s a huge difference between feeling lonely and alone’. She then goes on to point out that you can still feel alone when you’re around other people. The aim here is to encourage people to realise that they can enjoy their own company. At different parts of this song, the piano receives some backup by a drum beat that takes the track up a notch. This is an effective technique by Zahra; she uses instrumentation differently throughout the song to alter the mood as and when she wishes. Sometimes, it’s just piano and vocals, other times the piano is joined by the haunting sound of some high-pitched string arrangement. Again, when the drumbeat features, the mood changes again and feels less emotional for a minute and more upbeat.

The focal instrument of this EP is, however, definitely still the piano, which is played so beautifully in every song. The piano in Sanctuary starts very tentatively, perfectly matching the song’s title. But when the vocals kick in, we get a little surprise; she starts playing the piano much quicker than we’ve heard in previous songs, in a staccato style. The harmonies in this song provide a whimsical wonderland vibe, taking your imagination to a quiet woodland in the morning as the sun comes up. Zahra is undeniably a very talented vocalist as she can have various effects using her voice in creative ways.

The final song of this EP is called a part of me, which is a short (under 2 minutes) track that stands as somewhat of a summary; an affirmation-type of track that sums up what Zahra has learned on the personal journey that the EP is all about. Lines such as ‘I’m not my anxiety’ and ‘I’m not these dark feelings… none of that is a part of me’ show us that Zahra has managed to grow and learn from her experiences of being alone.

Listen to this honest, introspective EP here:



Spacey Jane’s ‘Here Comes Everybody’ Debuts at #1 On The ARIA Chart

Spacey Jane have debuted at #1 on the ARIA Top 50 Albums chart with their new album, Here Comes Everybody. The Fremantle indie rockers’ second LP arrived on Friday, 24th June after being previewed by the singles ‘Lots of Nothing’, ‘Lunchtime’, and ‘Sitting Up’.

Announcing the record earlier this year, frontman Caleb Harper said that while debut album Sunlight drew primarily on personal experiences, album two was written “for youth persevering and thriving emotionally under the weight of our generational burden made up of climate change, COVID” and other stresses. “I know music isn’t a replacement for taking control and galvanising positive change,” Harper said, “but I hope this record can soundtrack some of those moments in peoples lives.”

It’s Spacey Jane’s First Number One Record

Sunlight both debuted and peaked at the #2 slot on the ARIA Top 50 Albums chart when it arrived in 2020. That means Here Comes Everybody arriving on top in its first week of eligibility marks a major milestone for the band. “Thank you so, so much for the love and support we’ve received for this record,” Spacey Jane said in a statement acknowledging the accolade.

“Making this album was a massive journey for us all, we poured our hearts into it,” the band continued. “From seeing your tags and mentions, meeting you in person and hearing you talk about what HCE means to you and to having a number 1 album… We are all so deeply grateful for everything.”

Spacey Jane will take Here Comes Everybody on the road with an Australian tour in August, including headline shows in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. They’ll be joined on the road by I Know Leopard and Teenage Dads. See tour dates and details here.

And while we’re talking about impressive chart debuts, another Australian band worth mentioning this week is Sydney hardcore outfit SPEED, whose GANG CALLED SPEED EP has entered at #5 on the overall Albums chart. On the Australian Albums chart, it’s right behind Here Comes Everybody at #2.

It’s rare for hardcore to make such an impact in Australia and a testament to the band’s stylistic boundary-pushing and fostering of community since their formation.


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Belladrum Festival announces Potting Shed and Trailer Trash stages link-up to create new Moose Hollow area – with return of member of the legendary Cateran band

Medicine Music– in conjunction with Hootananny of Inverness – introduces Moose Hollow for this year’s Belladrum Festival as the event returns from July 28 to 30.

The area and its line-up is being collated by Potting Shed Stage and Belladrum veteran Rob Ellen – who has added a member of the legendary Inverness band The Cateran to the band and musicians’ line-up.

Cameron Fraser makes his return to Inverness at the head of Boulder Fields, the Edinburgh-based acoustic band blurring the boundaries between Americana, indie, punk and Scottish folk.

Cameron was the songwriting force behind the late 80s early 90s Inverness phenomenon that was thrash rock band The Cateran.

The Cateran with Cam Fraser.

The Cateran are famously credited with giving Nirvana their first European tour as their support and also introducing The Proclaimers to Inverness when they headlined the first Faultline Festival.

Cam Fraser.
Cam Fraser.

Talking about the Moose Hollow move, Rob says: “I’m delighted to announce Medicine Music has been offered more space at Belladrum Festival this year to grow the Potting Shed and our unique ethos.

“We are moving into the Trailer Trash Stage area, and will be programming both stages to run in tandem and to complement each other (as is our tradition) in what will become Moose Hollow!

“To that end The Trailer Trash Saloon Stage will as ever be the place for country music and The Potting Shed Stage/Moose Stage as ever for exploring the roots and shoots of Americana.

“We will be supporting four community music projects this year.

Strange Blue Dreams.
Strange Blue Dreams.

The Eagles Sessions Forres will be presenting four acts, artists’ collective Wake Up The Sun from Ayrshire run by Wild Hours Wully will be presenting three acts, Holy Smokes Records from Glasgow showcase three acts led by Strange Blue Dreams and Nairn’s Bandstand Bar Sunday Session will be represented by MoRK.

“We will also be supporting EndoSpell local community councillor Andria Dalgetty’s efforts to help 1.5 million Endometriosis suffererers. Andrea will be on hand to discuss and will be performing on stage.

“We will have a Fire Pit picking party led by Good Guy Hank who maintain a session in the Tay Bank in Dunkeld Thursday, Kevin Noon who runs a festival and an indie label and studio on his farm in Lanarkshire, and the aforementioned Andrea Dalgetty who organised EndoSpell, her drive-in festival on her croft on the Black Isle in the lockdown and runs garden shows on her own outdoor stage.

The Potting Shed All Stars will be led this year by Isaac Sutherland (Friday night) and The Carloways’ Mikey MacLennan on the Saturday night.

All Star special guests include MaryJean Lewis, whose Uncle Jerry Lee Lewis was inducted into the Country Music Hall Of Fame this year and with her mum and her sister headlined the first Belladrum in 2004 as The Lewis 3.

She also came back to headline the 10th Potting Shed Stage, so we are delighted she will be helping us launch our all new Moose Hollow Arena

Other acts to look out for:

from Texas:

Kalinec & KJ – Texan Brian Kalinec and Pennsylvanian KJ Reimensnyder-Wagner who met by chance during one of Brian’s shows in East Texas in 2013. As Kalinec & KJ, they have toured the US and released Let’s Get Away in July 2021. Brian is a Houston legendary songwriter, accompanist, label boss and promoter.

From Nashville:

Mark Allen, resident entertainer at Opreyland, Mark presents the TV show Have Guitar Will Travel which is produced by his production company Bench Mark Productions.

As ever we will be supporting British emerging songwriters in Americana and country roots music, we are delighted to have local Elgin chiel songwriter Mal MacWatt who is now making an international name for himself, look out for, Kattee Kross and Chris Andreucci, too.

On the band front, Longstay And The Hellfire Club represent Scoticana and Dorecacana Festival boss and San Diego songwriter of the year 2016.

Colin Clyne, now with his home in Stonehaven, presents his brand-new band The Broken Creels.

The Stones Holy Rollers bring some surf twang from Edinburgh, and alt-country punks My Pocket Rocket represent the second home of country music which is of course Perth.

From the Highlands, The Whiskys are back and head up a strong local contingent including The Galipaygos who are combining with our friends Dropkick for a exclusive Moose Hollow show, and Stetsonhead’s Ali Dooner brings his new project Wounded Moose, aptly, to Moose Hollow for a premier festival appearance.

From further afield there is a Scottish Scandinavian country music collaboration featuring our own Calum Jones who has played the Potting Shed Stage every year since he played impromptu at 14. This year he introduces The Swedish Cowboy who he met on a tour of Scandinavia.

The cast as ever will be presented by our comperes beyond compare Fash Stewart and Darren Poyzer – and our house band this year will mix and match and play impromptu (as is tradition) and feature the amazing Owen Nicholson (The New Madrids, Tickety Two and My Pocket Rocket) on pedal steel guitar.

Rob said: “That’s just some of the Hootananny down on Moose Hollow for this Belladrum – ya’ll come ya’ll! It is dedicated to the memory of brother Mark Ellen.”

More from: and

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NFT company Serenade just raised USD $4.2 million. What’s it going to spend it on?

Trailblazers is an MBW interview series that turns the spotlight on music entrepreneurs making waves in their local markets, who have the potential to become the global business’s power players of tomorrow. This time, we speak to Max Shand, the founder and CEO of rising music NFT marketplace, Serenade. Trailblazers is supported by Believe.

There are a growing number of superstar investors in music startups these days.

From The Weeknd to Puff Daddy, Snoop Dogg, and more, superstars are splashing their cash into emerging platforms they believe in every week.

But Hollywood stars are getting in on this act, too.

Take, for example, Hugh Jackman, who recently joined a USD $4.2 million funding round into music NFT platform Serenade.

Serenade is run and was founded by tech entrepreneur (and Jackman’s fellow Aussie), Max Shand, who says he’s aiming to build his firm into the world’s leading “genre-agnostic music NFT marketplace”.

Serenade runs on a layer 2 Ethereum blockchain called Polygon, which, claims the company, enables it to mint NFTs at an “eco-friendly” level (i.e. with far less energy used than a typical NFT execution).

With offices in the UK and in Sydney, Serenade has so far worked with artists including The Kooks, Ladyhawke, Super Furry Animals, and others, while Shand (pictured) was himself recently named in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in Asia.

Here, as part of MBW’s Trailblazers series, Sydney-based Shand explains why he believes the future is bright for music NFTs – and why he believes his company will be in the center of the revolution…

Serenade recently raised AUD $6m (USD $4.2m) from backers such as Hugh Jackman, plus executives from Warner Music Group and elsewhere. why was now the right time to raise?

That $6 million is going right into our tech to ensure we can continue to improve our user experience for fans, and work across more wonderful creative projects with artists.

Beyond this, we’re investing in our team, to grow our marketing, product, and partnerships resources between the UK, Australia, and soon to be the US.

What is the ultimate ambition of the company?

Our ultimate mission is to bring artists closer to their greatest fans, and in doing so, generate new revenue streams and imaginative creative output.

There have been a few stats out recently about the fall in demand/value of certain types of NFTs. For example, BLOOMBERG REPORTS that monthly global sales of nFTs (of all types) are currently on course to fall below USD $1 billion for the first time since last summer. Meanwhile, the world’s biggest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, has seen its sales volume fall 75% since May. Is all of that worrying to you, or is it just a natural correction of the market?

Where NFTs are purchased as investments, they are vulnerable to the very same value cycles as traditional investment vehicles.

That said, where NFTs are purchased as collectibles to signify passion for, and support of, an artist or creator, then value remains fixed – as owners didn’t collect the NFT to turn a quick profit.

Paint us a picture: what will the music industry look like for artists and fans in ten years’ time?

In 10 years’ time, there will be a greater acknowledgment of the role of direct-to-fan revenues in the overall artist revenue mix – and to support this, there will be all kinds of wonderful tooling.

Streaming will remain at the heart of an artist’s offering from a passive audience engagement and discovery perspective. However, merchandise – both traditional and via innovative ways to monetize an artist’s brand and fanbase (that don’t carry any rights) – will dominate the revenue mix.

What advantages and disadvantages (if any) are there of you launching your company out of Oz?

Australian founders maintain a constant fire in their bellies to prove themselves on the international stage given we’re so far away. We have the benefit of looking out to key markets and selecting them on the basis of their strategic value.

But hey, I’d be kidding myself in saying that Australia makes it easy to set up a two-sided music marketplace! Our early mornings are our only times to reach the US, and our late nights are the best hours to chat in the UK, leaving the daytime for Australia.

Australia is sometimes considered a wonderful testing ground for new innovations, but in the music industry, the impulse to access larger foreign markets arrives earlier than your ability to battle-test a new product.

Tell us something that would surprise people in the industry about your company and its business.

Despite our ambitions to be a genre-agnostic music NFT marketplace, our personal love of all things indie keeps on drawing us back to working with [independent and independent label-signed] artists.

While this has the potential to steer us off course, building a platform around fan engagement and new ways to serve super-fans has meant that this dedicated understanding of and empathy with indie sensibilities has been a guiding light and company accelerator.

You’re a rising entrepreneur. In hindsight, considering your story to now, what advice would you give anyone thinking of making the leap to starting their own venture?

Only set forth on the ludicrous adventure of setting up your own business if you’re motivated by passion and a true enthusiasm to solve a certain problem. If these are your motivations, there will be no setback great enough to truly disarm you, and every day will be a constant pleasure.

“If a new venture has the opportunity to catapult you into wonderful relationships and conversations, then nothing should stop you.”

Better yet, if you suspect you’ll love the people you’ll work with and have the opportunity to meet, then go for gold: at the end of the day, life is all about the people you spend it with, and if a new venture has the opportunity to catapult you into wonderful relationships and conversations, then nothing should stop you.

The question we ask everyone: Which one thing would you change about the modern music business and why?

Controversial opinion from a guy who dates a corporate lawyer and has exclusively lived with corporate lawyers: if I could change one thing about the modern music business, it would be to force a compulsory rights education upon business leaders to ensure that legal costs are only borne when they need to be.

Music industry professionals and businesses don’t generate enough money as it stands, and funneling as much as they do to lawyers in unnecessary situations is a constant pain in my spine.Music Business Worldwide


“One World” Movement Founded By Spiritual Life Coach And International Multi-Platinum Certified Music Producer/Songwriter Geo Slam To Raise Awareness for “Global Unity”!

The Mission:

The World has gone through many crisis, BUT also bringing positive changes
along with it.

We have suffered Wildfires, Pandemics, Racial injustices, Wars, Economic and Health Threats affecting our Nations Globally.

BUT, it also now gives us the chance to Unite, Stand Together, Work Together, and look past the Borders of Religion, Politics, Race, and Sexuality.

In the middle of the Pandemic Master Spiritual Life Coach And International Multi-Platinum Certified Music Producer/Songwriter

Geo Slam

The “One World – Movement” –

A World-Wide, Non-Profit Project to raise awareness for “Unity”
all around the Globe.

Ordinary volunteering people, Adults and Children from so far over 45 Countries and 6 Continents across the Globe (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia) from all Ethnical Cultures have recorded Video Shoutouts over Zoom or Smartphones praising and taking their stand for “Unity” and sent them to the
“One World – Community.”

The videos are now being posted on One World’s Social Media Channels.

These people are showing themselves taking action, getting together in spreading the message that it’s time for “Unity” now more than ever.

Making their Voices Heard, Contributing to Making A Global Change, and the number of participants in the One World Movement is constantly increasing.

The Song:

The Theme-Song “One World – Catching Fire,” now released Worldwide,

is Exclusively written By Geo Slam for the “One World – Community Movement.”

It serves the purpose of raising awareness for all groups of people and has only
one goal: “Unity”

As Lead Vocalist for the Song, the German Singer Iness Voca was handpicked by Geo Slam.

Iness Voca is one of the fastest uprising Organic Artists in Germany.

With her Heart and Soul committed to make the World a better place and being personally involved in numerous Charity Projects made her the first and only choice for the well renowned Internationally Multi-Platinum Certified Music Producer.

Iness Voca stands for “Global Unity” and is a living example of what this project is all about, says Geo Slam.

The Song is in the majority recorded remotely over the Internet
with Zoom or Facetime.

The Choir used as backup singers are made up of children and ordinary volunteering people from all over the World who show their support for the “Cause” and contribute to Making A Change!

Voice Messages directly recorded by the participants into smartphones where they were chanting “One world,” made up the background choir

in the Song’s chorus when blended together.
Live Recordings from Wild Animals in Tanzania were used to create a more World-Music-Atmosphere, AND Geo Slam himself sampled his own Heartbeats to be used in the Breakdown Section of the Song as a Rhythm-Beat.

Listen Now: “One World – Catching Fire” – By Geo Slam with Iness Voca


Apple Music:


The Challenge:

One World: Movement is Collaborating with a large number of Social Media Influencers, Companies, Organisations across the Globe and have many continuously ongoing Social Activities such as TikTok Challenges, Dj-Remix Contests, Social Media Challenges, and Contests, etc.

Geo Slam wants to challenge everyone, everywhere, to take a stand and do something every day for others.

Follow The Rise of the “One World – Catching Fire – Movement” on:


    “Unity starts from within all of us, and by taking action and do good
for each other daily, we make it a reality”
/ Geo Slam


Geo Slam has contributed on an array of recognisable Songs to Popular Culture with many
of the World’s Best-Selling Recording Artists such as One Direction, Enrique Iglesias,
Jason Derulo, Backstreet Boys, Blue, LP, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Kelis, Taio Cruz, Deadmau5, Priyanka Chopra, Europe, etc and has been involved with the Production
of various popular Albums & Singles that cumulatively
 have sold over 50 Million Copies World-Wide.

Besides his career in Music, Geo Slamholds “Master Coach Certifications” in both “Spiritual” and “Mindset” Life Coaching, certified by Dr Karen E Wells at The KEW Training Academy – Accredited by CTAA and the Transformation Academy – Accredited by the CPD, as well as aCertified Professional NLP & Timeline Coach, certified by The Association For Professional Coaching in association with the European community for NLP and the International NLP Federation – Specialized in Exponential Spiritual Coaching, for Music Artists, Influencers, Entrepreneurs, and Thought-Leaders Globally.

Geo Slam states that his interest in combining his Music Career with Elite Level Success Coaching started when he attended- Tony Robbins Elite VIP Coaching Program.

He is a highly sought after motivational speaker and has been lecturing and giving motivational speeches to thousands of people for Schools, Organisations and Companies in all over Europe and in the United States.


The Music Review Mixtape Vol. 5 RCM Music Blog

The Music Review Mixtape is a new format for the Right Chord Music Blog. In this feature, writer Javier Rodriguez provides a round-up of the best new music submitted to our website. Today he introduces 7 new artists, with a short, snackable music review.

Lily Wolfe inspires optimism with her debut track ‘New Earth’

What better way to kick off this section than with our first artist Lily Wolfe, a singer and songwriter from London making her official debut. Her introductory song New Earth is an emotionally charged tune that draws inspiration from the chaotic times of the pandemic.

This graceful piece perfectly illustrates the feelings of isolation that millions of people around the world felt during such a difficult period, but also the safety that meant being at home with her loved ones, that duality of sadness and hope grant this piece with an unparalleled sentiment.

The song is driven by the calm acoustic guitar, while Lily’s soft and kind voice delivers the touching lyrics flawlessly. Despite this being just the dawn of her career, it is no exaggeration to say that Lily Wolfe definitely knows how to connect with her listeners on a deeply personal level that not many musicians can.

To Hell With Tradition Demolishes Expectations in ‘Paper Cuts’

Next in our parade of extraordinary unsigned acts, we have To Hell With Tradition, this solo project was created by Achim Hofmeyer, a multi-instrumentalist, composer, singer, and producer hailing from Heidelberg, Germany. For ten years, Achim was part of the band Mellow, followed by a long hiatus that inadvertently would plant the seeds for this solitary enterprise.

The origin of To Hell With Tradition comes from this artist’s impulse to stop denying his creative nature, breaking away from fulfilling other people’s expectations. His most recent melody Paper Cuts is an indie rock jam infused with hypnotic synth harmonies and a poignant theme that reflects what we can expect from his upcoming third album, Blurred, set to be released on August 26th.

And just like the name suggests, Blurred is an ambiguous line where two voices dialogue, with an abstract essence, that it’s up to the audience to interpret. This unique way of approaching composition has become a staple for Achim throughout his marvellous solo career.

Jelte Leaves His Fears Behind In His Song ‘Closer’

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Jelte is here to delight us with Closer, a romantic bop with a catchy chorus and an upbeat rhythm section that has the potential of becoming your favourite earworm for this summer. The lyrics talk about that ideal person who has the power to vanquish your inhibitions and allow you to be yourself, that magical and pure emotion is accentuated perfectly by the formidable instrumentation.

Jelte developed a taste for music from an early age, specializing in piano and synthesizers, with legends such as Elton John, Prince, and Bruce Springsteen as some of his musical heroes, because of this, it comes as no surprise that his sound is heavily influenced by 80s funk and rock. Closer is the second release of the year from this promising young performer, which already has over a thousand plays on Spotify.

Stuart Ironside Gives New Life To A Classic In ‘Gomni’

Stuart Ironside is a highly proficient guitarist based in London, his immaculate execution of this beautiful instrument has captivated audiences wherever he performs. He started his studies at Cardiff University, majoring in classical guitar performance while studying Javanese Gamelan and West African music. These experiences opened his eyes to a new world of music, far from the conventionalism of western sounds, this would shape his unique way to perform and arrange songs, becoming a classical guitar virtuoso.

This melody is Stuart’s arrangement of Gomni, a song made famous by the legendary Ali Farka Touré, renowned Malian multi-instrumentalist, and pioneer of African desert blues.

It would be a disservice to say that Stuart’s rendition of this song is just a simple cover, while the key components of this emblematic track are still there, Stuart’s mastery of classic guitar truly invigorates this piece with new energy, not only showing his respect for a legend but also demonstrating his love for African music, capturing the spirit of this iconic piece.

Deep-Sea Low Tide And The Anguish Explored In ‘Joe Is Trembling’

Denmark Alternative outfit Deep Sea Low Tide has unveiled their brand new track Joe is Trembling, their first official release in two years. This recent delivery is the follow-up of their debut EP of 2020 Drown. DSLT sound has often been described as Post Punk with some alternative rock sparkled in between, proving that this project is not afraid of pushing boundaries.

Joe Is Trembling shares some of the characteristic traits of Post-Punk, the distorted guitars, as well as the mournful topics, however, this Danish group stands out exponentially in this composition thanks to their intensity, frontman William Schjøtt leaves his heart and soul out in this breathtaking performance, pouring raw unrestricted emotion.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs

Without a doubt, Deep Sea Low Tide will make some heads turn this year with their heart-wrenching lyricism and astonishing showmanship.

Origami Tsunami Face Reality In ‘Melody Sings’

Two months ago, yours truly had the privilege to review Life Hack, the first release of 2022 for Origami Tsunami, which I must add, was a pleasant and unique experience due to their fascinating amalgamation of genres such as Post-rock and Math Rock. After the great reception of this musical work, this Manchester collective is back with a brand new single called Melody Sings.

Straight realism is something that has always been part of this band, touching empathetically enjoyable subjects, the highly relatable lyrics of Melody Sings illustrate life in the big city and how overwhelming this can be but also, the irony of loneliness in places with so many people. The mind-blowing musicianship is back again, and it’s also crucial to point out how John Gellersen has the unique ability to put you in the driver’s seat with his emotional delivery. Origami Tsunami has knocked it out of the park once more, creating a piece as unforgettable as their own name.

Green Wire Crafts a Crowd Favourite With ‘Silver-Tongued Devil’

Last but definitely not least, we have another promising act from the colourful and always evolving Manchester music scene, Green Wire is an indie rock band with a relatively short time as an established group, having formed just last year, but don’t let this fool you! In this brief period, this four-piece project already accomplished sold-out shows, their first-ever presentation as headliners, and a generous amount of plays on streaming services, if that’s not efficiency, then I have no idea what it is!

Silver-Tongued Devil is their most recent melody, an energetic alternative rock banger with jangly guitars and a contagious hook described by the band as “A real live favourite” in their gigs. This indie gem is a ferocious and fun composition that is a MUST on any indie rock lover’s playlist but be cautious! Prolonged exposition to this single may cause side effects like uncontrollable head-bopping.

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Words Javier Rodriguez


Singer-songwriter Abbie Thomas releases visuals for heartfelt single ‘Can’t Go On Like This’ | New Music

Singer-Songwriter Abbie Thomas releases visuals for her latest single ‘I Can’t Go On Like This’ taken from 4-track EP ‘Dirty Little Things’. Mixed and Mastered by Nate Butler (Nimble Wit Productions). Known for her emotive lyrics and genre-spanning writing style that takes influences from Pop, Country, R&B and Jazz which can be heard throughout ‘Dirty Little Things’, the lead single ‘I Can’t Go On Like This’ encapsulates her versatility.

‘I Can’t Go On Like This’ follows the journey of a relationship in turmoil, hitting the point where pride and superiority are taking over, friendship is lost, and the realization that the relationship may not be saveable – even though that is the desired result. Backed by beautiful Piano and Violin arrangements that entwine with the rest of the band throughout creating a sombre tone that incorporates elements of Jazz. Taking centre stage is Abbie Thomas’s soulful vocal performance and captivating lyrical style, that enthrals the listener in.

Speaking about her latest EP and single Abbie Thomas says “ ‘‘Can’t Go On Like This’, and the EP as a whole, feels like a huge step forward in musicality and storytelling.  I really focussed on my arrangements over this past year… ‘Can’t Go On Like This’ has turned into my favorite track to play live, It’s such a versatile song musically, but for the lyric focussed listener, the record is first and foremost a story about struggles in a rocky relationship.  I feel like the lyrics and the musical are great partners.”

California-born and Midwest-raised, Abbie Thomas looks to tell stories and convey emotion through her own personal experiences, using music as an outlet for her own heartache fueled by a relentless need to heal, her instruments and note pads are her therapist. This raw emotion conveys equally through record and live shows, opening for the likes of  ‘Girl Named Tom’ and ‘Laine Hardy’, her versatility shines just like a mended heart and turns strangers into kindred spirits.