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Sunset is an American based record label that operates its business worldwide. 

It was founded in 2009 by Don Lichterman as his rock, alternative and pop label, and is part of the music group at SCA. 

Since 2009, Sunset has fast become one of the top Independent Record labels in the world and operates today within the Music Group at SCA.

current and past artists at sunset


  • Original Black Pantah Guests stars in the film 'Shottas' & 'Drop Zone' (w/ Wesley Snipes)
  • TWO (2) Grayscale songs played on TWO (2) of MTV's Teen Mom
  • Richtaste album produced by Pat Aeby (Krokus)
  • The Boy From Space album produced by Fran Ashcroft (Gorillaz, Dandy Warhols...)


  • Mista Latex, 3 All Mighty, & more Sunset artists played on NBC Sports Network & omn the Ali Sports TV Show
  • Latest Signing (Rachel Fine) was called a 'big deal' by Lis G on the Howard Stern News Show
  • Origonal Black Pantah opens up for bands like the Skatalites, Shabba Ranks, Toney Rebel, King Sunny Ade


  • Spoken Word track (Vicky Kiely) hits the Billboard Charts Top 10 in that category
  • 'Livin' the High Life' by Down From Zero played on MTV's Ridiculousness 
  • Many Sunset artists and tracks placed on soundtracks Cds for the American Drug war: The Last White Hope & How Weed Won the West.


  • Bre-Z from the hit TV show, Empire, collaborates with Mista Latex & Chivas Kimble on 'One Night'
  • Sunset sets up for its first release since the COVID 19 Pandemic broke
  • The Reese Project is in the studio in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Musicians From THere Playing Music From There


No we don’t mean that it’s scary free jazz, but rather that going along costs nothing, nada, zero, zilch. Friday’s first act is on at 7pm, while the Saturday and Sunday programmes start from 1.30pm and continue through till late evening.

EFG London Jazz Festival

Fancy some free jazz? The EFG London Jazz Festival returns from November 13-22 2015 with over 300 gigs across the city. Don’t let a lack of funds hold you back: there are plenty of free shows at LJF to get you grooving for gratis. Here’s our pick of the best.

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