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Peter and Will Anderson

Peter and Will Anderson

The US Senator, Hillary Clinton, Meeting with the Founder of Siblings Day, Claudia Evart

The US Senator, Hillary Clinton, Meeting with the Founder of Siblings Day, Claudia Evart

Claudia Evart Meeting the President of the Republic of Estonia, Alar Karis in New York City

Claudia Evart Meeting the President of the Republic of Estonia, Alar Karis in New York City

After a Three-Year Hiatus, Siblings Day Celebration Returns with a Social, Networking & Live Music Event to New York City.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, September 22, 2022 / — The Siblings Day Foundation will be hosting a Siblings Day Social on November 18th, at the New York Estonian House (234 East 34th St, Manhattan, NY), starting at 6 PM, and featuring twin brother musicians and Julliard graduates, Will and Pete Anderson.

Identical twin brothers and “Virtuosos on clarinet and saxophone” (New York Times), Peter and Will Anderson will offer their unique jazz interpretations of great American songbook classics. Guitar phenom Adam Moezinia will join them for a unique collaboration in celebration of this event.

The upcoming Siblings Day Social is an annual event held at the New York Estonian House. Due to the pandemic, the non-profit was unable to host an event for the past three years, finally giving an opportunity for the community to reunite in the spirit of kind-heartedness. “During this holiday season, we tend to think about our family and friends more than any other time of year. Siblings are special and we hold them close in our hearts whether they are living or no longer with us,” says the founder, Claudia Evart.

The organizers welcome everyone to join us for an evening of networking, socializing, and enjoying live music. Bring your friends, family, and co-workers to our Siblings Day Social and Live Music event. Authentic Estonian cuisine & beverages are available for purchase, and donations towards helping the advocacy efforts towards wider recognition and celebration of Siblings Day are encouraged. Volunteers are always welcome to help out with the non-profit’s activities.

Siblings Day is an annual holiday recognized in parts of the United States on April 10 and as Brothers and Sisters Day on May 31 in parts of Europe. The Siblings Day Foundation was founded in Massachusetts in 1995 to recognize, honor, and celebrate the special bond between siblings. In 1998, the organization became a 501.c.3 nonprofit volunteer organization with satellite offices in New York, South Carolina, and Virginia. The organization is founded by Claudia Evart, the pioneer of national Siblings Day initially created as a tribute to her only siblings. Her brother, Alan, and sister, Lisette passed untimely. April 10, Lisette’s birthday was chosen as Siblings Day. The Siblings Day Foundation’s message of love and honoring one’s siblings have reached beyond our borders, as Siblings Day is now celebrated across the world, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ghana, India, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Since 1998, the governors of 49 states have officially issued proclamations to recognize Siblings Day in their states. Carolyn Maloney, then the U.S. representative for New York’s 12th and 14th congressional district, officially saluted the holiday and introduced it into the official Congressional Record of the United States Congress on April 10, 1997; and in subsequent years 2001, 2005, 2008, and 2019.

“I am personally so glad that after decades of hard work we are starting to recognize and set aside a day to celebrate our siblings. This relationship can last a lifetime and to read about sisters celebrating their life together is so heartwarming to me. In December 2021 USA Today reported of three older sisters celebrating together their youngest sibling’s 100th birthday, a truly beautiful way to cherish humanity and a special bond that’s lasted over 100 years,” adds Evart.

Since 1997 the Siblings Day Foundation has made advocacy efforts to get April 10th recognized on the federal level. In 1996, Congress stripped itself of the authority to create a commemorative, leaving sole power to do so in the hands of the president. Former presidents, Bill Clinton (2000), George Walker Bush (2008), and President Barack Obama (2016) endorsed Siblings Day by signing a presidential message. “We need a presidential proclamation to officially establish April 10 as National Siblings Day, and we hope this year it will be officially established by our current president,” says Evart.

Further information can be obtained by writing to SDF, P.O. Box 85, Grand Central Station, New York, NY 10163; emailing; or visiting

Dr. Pia Salmre
Siblings Day Foundation

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