Island Music Company Partners With Shop 53 Custom Tattoo & Art Studio To Recognize La Plata As MD’s First Bird City

Whether you’re a local or a visitor passing through Southern Maryland, you will notice bird art displayed throughout the town.  These art projects were created to represent La Plata, Maryland, as Maryland’s First Bird City!  La Plata is recognized as the first bird city due to their efforts taken to implement sound bird-conservation practices by educating the community and enhancing conditions for birds to thrive there.  

Credit: Island Music Company

Island Music Company and Shop 53 Custom Tattoo and Art Studio have eagerly jumped onboard to participate in this project!  Keith Grasso, owner of Island Music Company, and Shannon Wang, owner of Shop 53 and Bird City Records, have designed beautiful artwork of bird designs on the sidewalk leading up to Island Music Company.

They decided to replicate the same bird art inlay seen on every Paul Reed Smith guitar fretboard.  Paul Reed Smith is the most famous guitar company in Maryland!   Grasso says, “This is a unique opportunity to combine music designation with La Plata and create a sense of place on the Island Music campus.  What a great opportunity to tie everything together!  The sidewalk leads to the “La Plata Loves Music” mural and then to our front door.  This is our version of ‘The Yellow Brick Road.’”

Shannon Wang was excited to take on this project because it ties in perfectly with her businesses.  Wang says, “I’m not only a huge fan of birds, but we were able to tie everything together and use our talent from Shop 53 to create the artwork while getting the word out about La Plata’s history and raising awareness of Maryland’s First Bird City!”  Wang’s love for the town of La Plata and birds inspired the name of her record store, Bird City Records.

After Mayor Jeanine James stopped in to view the finished project, she shared more details of the history of Maryland’s First Bird City.  “We’re beyond excited to be designated as Maryland’s First Bird City!  This is such a great opportunity to beautify our town and bring our community together in such a unique way!”  Mayor James also shared details about the official town bird being the Purple Martin and mentioned there is more bird art to come.  Mayor James says, “Be on the lookout for more unique bird art popping up around the La Plata community soon!”

What better way is there to bring together the beautiful town of La Plata, Maryland, other than with music, art, birds, common goals, and their people’s love for beautifying their town?  Make sure to stop by Island Music Company to check out their very own “Yellow Brick Road!”

For more information, contact Island Music Company at 301-392-3960.

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