ONEUS Wins ‘Music Bank’, IVE Fans Question KBS Broadcast Points

Boy group ONEUS won the recent episode of KBS “Music Bank” broadcasted on September 16. They were against soloist and former WANNA ONE member Kim Jaehwan.

So why did IVE fans question the validity of ONEUS music show win? Read more to find out.

ONEUS ‘Same Scent’ Wins KBS ‘Music Bank’

This is the 3rd win for their comeback song “Same Scent” and the first national broadcast music show win for ONEUS.

ONEUS Wins 'Music Bank'

(Photo : ONEUS – Twitter)
ONEUS ‘Music Bank’ win

It is also their 4th music show win overall which is why fans of the boy group are savoring it and celebrating the moment. They have created hashtags and trended them on Twitter.

Phrases ‘#ONEUS4thWin’ and ‘#SameScent3rdWin have been trending since yesterday, September 16 as the fans of the group keep spreading the good news.

ONEUS Wins MTV 'The Show'

(Photo : ONEUS – Twitter)
ONEUS “Same Scent” 2nd win.

ONEUS members themselves are also very happy that they have finally won a national broadcast music show.

ONEUS Wins 'Show Champion'

(Photo : ONEUS – Twitter)
ONEUS “Same Scent” 2nd win

They were shocked at first after MC Jang Wonyoung said their name but became really ecstatic as they receive the trophy.

In their encore performance, Hwanwoong thanked the fans and Rainbow Bridge World Entertainment CEO Kim Dohoon and Kim Jinwoo.

As they were singing the song, Ravn’s rap part came on and another member Seoho sang it like it was his time to shine. ONEUS said they will do a part change in their encore but they were all choking up thinking of their win.

IVE Fans Questioning ONEUS ‘Music Bank Win

However, not all are happy with the outcome of yesterday’s Music bank episode. Many fans like those of IVE and Kim Jaehwan are questioning its validity.

 ONEUS Wins 'Music Bank'

(Photo : theqoo)
ONEUS Wins ‘Music Bank’, IVE Fans Question KBS Broadcast Points

The score breakdown is as follows:

Digital score – 116 vs. 4

Broadcast score – 4090 vs. 6087

Audience score – 0 vs 0

Physical score – 3908 vs. 732

social media score – 1 vs. 0

In Theqoo post, fans of other contenders are questioning the win of the Rainbow Bridge World boy group. Most of them have mentioned Kim Jaehwan only, while others are asking who the group is.

“Kim Jaehwan, let’s hit daebak!!!!”

“Doesn’t Kim Jaehwan appear a lot more on broadcast?”

“Who are they???”

“Yeah, 4 digital points is just oba…”

“Look at those broadcast points of the #2ㄷㄷㄷ”

“Are the #1 not even ashamed they’re even nominated on public TV?”

“So you can win #1 like that tooㅋㅋㅋㅋ What is up with their digital and physical points…”

“Tell me this is an empty house”

“I’ve seen Kim Jaehwan so many times, who is ONEUS?”

“Kim Jaehwan only has this many digital points?”

On the other hand, IVE fans are questioning KBS for not including IVE in the final lineup of contenders as they have swept all Korean music charts and have really high album sales plus they have been in many KBS shows so they should have a high broadcast point.

KBS “Music Bank” has a history of manipulating their winners through the broadcast points so fans are in doubt of it.

However, ONEUS fans are saying that it is not the boy group’s fault if they scored that high as they are not in control of the pointing system.

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