Inside the Wyoming Ranch Where JFK Jr. Spent a Summer and Grateful Dead Wrote Music

More than 20 years have passed since John F. Kennedy Jr. met his maker in an untimely manner. JFK Jr. was piloting an aircraft with his wife and her sister, and they all died in a tragic accident. Years later, people are still obsessed with the younger Kennedy and his life. Here’s an inside look at the Wyoming ranch where JFK Jr. spent a summer and Grateful Dead also wrote music.

John F. Kennedy Jr.’s ties to the Wyoming ranch

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John F. Kennedy Jr. grew up in the spotlight. Although he created his own path in life as a prosecutor, an actor, and a philanthropist, he was still the son of a former president. In 1977, years after his father’s death, JFK Jr.’s mother, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, sent him to a cattle ranch in Wyoming for the summer.

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