Heardle today: Heardle for September 14: Sing with us! Here are clues, answer for today’s music puzzle

Heardle is a music puzzle game. It allows to listen to the first few seconds of a song. The song changes daily, and Heardle says it only uses songs that have been the most popular in the past decade.

It might be easier to guess the Heardle answer if you are a music lover and like contemporary music. You get a maximum of six chances to guess the song, and you must try to solve the puzzle in the least number of chances. The game starts with a second of the music and keeps increasing if you skip or guess incorrectly. It might become easier to guess when you hear more of the song. However, the maximum you can listen to is 16 seconds. Heardle is similar to Wordle and was released in 2022. People love the game worldwide and play Heardle every day. The songs are creations of iconic musicians, and the game is fascinating.


Here are a few clues to help you get the Heardle answer on September 14:

• The song was released in 1975.
• The song’s name is five words.
• The first three words of the song describe its genre.
• The performer is a band.
• The name of the band is one word, and it has four letters
• The band is known for the black and white face paints on its members.

Note: Well done if these clues helped you get the Heardle answer for today. If you cannot find the answer, we move on to give you the Heardle answer next.

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The Heardle’s answer for today is Rock and Roll All Nite by Kiss.

About the Song

The song was released in 1975 and was a part of the “Dressed to Kill” album. An opening riff in the beginning sets the tone, and fans of 70s music love this song. The song was commercially a hit and became a memorable track for Kiss. Critics praised the song and called it one of the greatest rock songs. Kiss became popular with other songs like Deuce, Nothin’ to Lose, and Hotter Than Hell and is known for its dazzling makeup and energetic performances.


Q1. What are some of the most memorable songs by Kiss?

A1. Some popular Kiss songs are Deuce, Nothin’ to Lose, and Hotter Than Hell.

Q2. What is the difference between Heardle and Wordle?

A2. Players must guess a word in Wordle and the song’s name in Heardle.

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