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HYDERABAD: Podcasts that he started during the lockdown soon turned into the making of forty episodes that featured international artists. Always wanting to do something different from others, Aditya Veera made the most of a platform to make some beautiful conversations with artists who, many count on, as inspiration. The Hyderabadi and Bengaluru boy talks to CE about his professional and artistic conquests.

A podcaster and talk show host of Stalwarts of Music with Aditya Veera, he speaks to global icons, grammy award winners and a lot of upcoming musicians too. “It is a mix of all three cadres of musicians across the world. I am soon going to be doing my 40th episode this year,” shares he who is also an Indie artist manager.

Like most of us, the pandemic was what inspired Aditya to take on the art of podcasting. “During the pandemic, we couldn’t interact with each other, and as a musician and enthusiast, I felt that it was time for me to expand my network and explore the other side of the horizon. I decided to talk to a lot of interesting people in the music industry. My very first guest was Marc Urselli, who was a Grammy award-winning producer and is a big name in music. Before I decided to go ahead with this idea, I did some research and reached out to them.”

Some of the big names he was able to grab for his podcasts include Joe Satriani, Eric Martin, Eric Johnson, Bob James, Robben Ford and Nathan East.Asked to name some of the best moments of the many conversations he says he would cherish for life, Aditya responds, “All the episodes that I do are unique in themselves. Understanding the questionnaire that I tailor is quite impromptu for me, every take is different. But I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Nathan East because I grew up listening to him, and Eric Latin, who is my inspiration.” 

Aditya is also a musician himself and shares, “I’m a vocalist and had this burning passion for music since my college days. I participated in a lot of battles of the bands and even won a couple of them. It was during my post-graduation that I decided to take this profession seriously and participated in my first open mic then and there has been no looking back.” 

Aditya names his grandfather and father as his biggest inspirations and says, “My grandfather introduced me to this musician called Harry Belafonte known for the Banana Boat song and I couldn’t stop. I also look up to Cory Wong, a podcaster, and Rajiv Mehrotra, host of In Conversation With on Doordarshan,” 
On what’s coming next, he says, “Interestingly, my 40th episode will be with popular Jacob Collier, who is one of the biggest sensations of the music world. It is going to be quite an interesting experience. I hope to  someday take this around the world and start a broadcasting company where I get to meet such stalwarts in person and make these interviews a worthwhile experience for viewers.”

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