“I Can’t Listen to This Sh*t”: NBA Legend Dennis Rodman, Who Dated Billionaire Madonna, Confessed Being Done With the Hollywood Singer’s Music

Dennis Rodman and Madonna were one of the most talked about couples in the entertainment world. He was the ‘Bad Boy’ of the NBA and she was the Queen of Pop. And their relationship attracted the eyes of millions and even though they split a couple of years later, the duo were still good friends. But there was one thing that Rodman could not stand about the billionaire, and that was her popular music.

Rodman and Madonna started dating around 1995 and they were linked together for nearly two years. They have some crazy stories about each other and it seemed like they had a lot of fun during that time.


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But Rodman revealed just couldn’t stand her music.

Dennis Rodman told Madonna that her music is crap

Despite being apart for more than 20 years, Rodman still considers Madonna really cool. And he even said that they are friends with each other. But he also had some harsh words for her. Especially about her award-winning music.


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He said, “She used to sing singing to me all that stuff like that,  I said, ‘Man what are you doing’. You know what I don’t like your music, you know what it’s crap… I told her that right to her face. It’s bubblegum, I can’t listen to this s**t… I just take off… Where you going, I can’t listen to this, I got to somewhere else and do something.” 

Despite this harsh talk, the couple was together for some time. Rodman even said that she was attracted to him because of who he was and also due to the fact that he was a bad boy.


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He even went on to say that one of the reasons that she dated him was because she could gain all the attention by dating a bad boy. And he was the bad boy in one of the biggest leagues in the world. He also adds that her career was declining, and she needed him to get back on top.


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However, the two stars are cool now despite all the stories and the rumors.

What do you think about Dennis Rodman’s opinion on Madonna’s music? Do you agree or disagree with him? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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