Babaux and the Peacemakers making waves on the music charts

“Lucky 13” debuted in late July and is gaining national attention.
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Local musician Christian Basso, who goes by the name of Babaux with his band the Peacemakers, was happy to record an album and release in late July of this year. He was even happier to see that it had debuted at #3 for the Roots Rock Top 50 Albums nationally behind Ben Harper and Bonnie Raitt in its early weeks. Also notable was the fact that also in its first week in the rankings, the album yielded three songs in the top 25 and four songs in the top 50. The album has also charted at #2 in Colorado with all 11 songs charting in the band’s home state.

“We are extremely humbled and excited to see the record debut on the national TOP Roots Rock Album Radio Chart,” Basso said. “It’s crazy to see the artist list read, Ben Harper #1, Bonnie Raitt #2 and Babaux and the Peacemakers #3.”

As of Sept. 5, the release was charting at #5 in the nation for both the Rock and Roots Rock Album charts. The band is also standing firm at #2 for the state of Colorado Roots Rock Albums, with 10 songs in the top 35.

On Sept. 9, the band also received praise from “Radio Guitar One,” a respected blues-based radio company in the U.S. with over 40 affiliates. Album reviewer Luke Wolk writes, “This album is proof that there are still folks making real music that needs to be made and heard.” He calls “Early Grave” a standout track and picks his favorite, “Bye Bye to You.” in the article.

Babaux and the Peacemakers are in the middle of a North American and European radio campaign. They invested and sent out over 800 CDs to radio stations they thought would spin their tunes. The positive write-up in “Radio Guitar One” was proof that people are taking a listen.

“It’s wild to know that the songs on the “Lucky 13” release are finding a home on so many different radio stations in North America and Europe and not ending up in their trash cans,” joked Basso. 

If Basso’s name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s been playing music in and out of the Vail Valley for 25 years. He originally performed with Little Hercules, then formed a nationally recognized studio project titled Royal Peeps. The bands The Sessh and Renegade Sons followed. In this project he’s playing dobro slide guitar and singing. The Peacemakers are Alana Velvis on drums and percussion, Eric Martinez on electric and acoustic guitar as well as Niek Velvis on electric bass. They also have some extended musical family members who will be performing live with them at various shows.

“One of the goals as a recording artist is that you hope people will listen to the music that you create. It’s extremely fulfilling to know people are indeed listening to these songs and they may be bringing people happiness.,” Basso said.  

Regardless of the chart-topping hits from “Lucky 13,” Basso is just doing what he knows best.

“Music and songwriting is something that has always been a part of my daily routine. I don’t force myself to do it, I have to do it. I know that regardless of the success, I’ll still be writing songs until I die.”

To get your hands on the music, go to their new website, and pick up some vinyl, a CD or USB stick version of the album.

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