Croce plays Croce, Zach Bryan, Tall Tall Trees

Croce Plays Croce opens the season Sept. 10 - AJ Photo by Joshua Black Wilkins - Jim Photo by Paul Wilson

For decades A.J. Croce didn’t want to play the songs that so many music fans associate with his last name. 

His father, Jim, is one of the early-70s best singer-songwriters. He wrote and performed hits like “You Don’t Mess Around With Jim,” “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” and many others before his death in 1973.  

Now, though, A.J. has found a connection to his dad’s music and the love of music they share and he tours a show called “Croce Plays Croce.” A.J. will perform the hits, his own music, and covers during an 8 p.m. show Sept. 10 at the Wortham Center for the Performing Arts. 

“This show is about the connection I have to my father’s music and the music that connects us. All that stuff in his record collection that I grew up listening to as a kid. It’s the stuff that influenced him and also me,” Croce said. “We’ll play the hits. Besides that, I’ll throw in stuff that are deeper cuts that I really like. My dad’s catalog is about 35 or 36 songs that people know. That can’t change very much. But I have 30 years as a recording artist, and there’s covers, and thousands of songs that I can throw in on any given evening of things that influenced us.” 

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