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Genesis Diaz is a name you’ll want to remember. She’s a homegrown Miami native who’s causing waves in the music scene. Genesis has a voice so big you’d never guess she was so petite. Her YouTube videos have gotten millions of views, and she’s only just getting started.

Genesis Diaz eats, sleeps, and breathes music.

Genesis Diaz: “I come from like a musical family so it runs through my veins.”

She’s been performing her entire life and with pipes like these it’s no wonder Adam Levine wanted Genesis for his team on “The Voice” back in 2018.

Genesis Diaz: “My experience on ‘The Voice’ was magical. It was spectacular. I loved every second of it because I got to learn from the best of the best.”

And from her time with Adam, she learned a very valuable lesson.

Genesis Diaz: “The one thing that he told me that I just keep in my heart, and I always think about it, is to have fun on stage. It just like keeps me going.”

Genesis Diaz: “Hoy vamos a sacar candela a fuego lento… hasme lo que tu quieras no tengo medio.”

Her musical roots are in R&B and soul, and you definitely get a taste of that in her new video for the acoustic version of her song ‘Fuego Lento.’”

Genesis Diaz: “It’s very much me, very much my style. ‘Fuego Lento’ is very commercial, like the original is very commercial, very like radio, and I am an acoustic junky.”

And with such huge talent, her influences run deep.

Like Etta James, Aretha Franklin… and Hannah Montana?

Genesis Diaz: “I was 10 years old, I saw Hannah Montana for the first time, and I knew I wanted to be a pop star. I swear.”

Well, dreams do come true!

Her videos for “Champagne” and “Fuego Lento” have skyrocketed on YouTube.

Genesis Diaz: “To have people love the music that I’m releasing is like really truly an out of body experience.”

Genesis is well on her way to what she calls the big picture.

Genesis Diaz: “Which is more music and Grammys hopefully, but it was definitely so eye opening, and one of those moments where you’re like I can do this. If I can do this, anybody can do this. You really just can’t give up.”

Genesis is working on a full album.

She says it’ll be in spanglish and closer to a sound that’s more her.

She said she’s excited for fans to hear what she’s cooked up.

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