Britney Spears Releases “Hold Me Closer” Collab with Sir Elton John After SIX YEAR Music Hiatus

Britney Spears has endured years of humiliation, control, and violations of her human rights.

She does not owe us anything, not even her upcoming Tell All book. Not even new music.

That does not mean that we do not truly, truly appreciate getting it.

On Friday, Britney Spears and Sir Elton John dropped their collaboration, “Hold Me Closer.”

The Once and Future Queen of Pop has not produced new music in years.

She has been busy fighting for her freedom — and, in recent months, enjoying it for the first time since the aughts.

However, Britney is a phenomenal talent. We have all been anticipating this new song.

Britney Spears knows Instagram’s rules very well, but can look perfectly sexy without getting into trouble. (Photo via Instagram)

And while she obviously resents the years in which she could not control her own career, she does like creating music.

She is the latest pop superstar to pair with Sir Elton John for an epic collab.

Elton John Has Red Shades
Elton John has red shades on as he attends 25th Annual Elton John Aids Foundation.

These two living legends blended “Tiny Dancer,” “The One,” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” into a club mix.

We definitely recommend giving it a listen or two.

Admittedly, I’m several dozen listens in myself.

Sir Elton John previously stated in interviews that Britney was apprehensive about the project.

Why? Because, frankly, so much of her career is interlaced with her trauma.

Between becoming a pop star as a teen and spending most of her adult life under a conservatorship, so much of her music has been out of her hands.

Britney in Vegas
Britney Spears visited Vegas over the weekend. And seems the trip brought back some painful memories for the pop icon.

Not this time, however.

Sir Elton John worked with her — albeit remotely — and reassured her that this project is theirs.

Many of her fans hope that this is a soft relaunch, and that she will soon produce new music.

Britney Is on Vacation
Britney Spears recently returned to Instagram after deleting her account. And some fans are convinced that the pop icon is hiding a secret.

Maybe … but remember, she owes us nothing.

For the moment, we hope that her sole focus is basking in this feeling.

Prior to “Hold Me Closer,” Britney had not released anything except for outtakes since Glory in 2016.

Britney Without a Top
Britney Spears posted more topless vacation pics this week. But it’s the way she captioned the photos that really has fans talking!

Britney took a six-year hiatus from her art, her passion, because disreputable people kept her from making her own choices.

Sometimes, the only decision that you can really make is to opt out of something.

Even then, Britney has described, she was “punished” for not meeting her father’s demands.

Britney Spears in Orange

Now, she has music out. She is celebrating. Her fans are celebrating.

Oh, and in a series of viral videos, Drew Barrymore has been celebrating.

Britney has been showing her appreciation — for Drew cheering her on, and also for all of her fans both on and off of social media.

Sir Elton John
Elton John is a true music legend. His songs will live on forever and ever.

Britney is not the first pop star to do a collaboration with Sir Elton John in recent years.

This spring, ahead of Pride, he paired his music with Dua Lipa. A couple of years ago, he and Lady Gaga released “Sine From Above.”

But this is Britney. And after a six-year hiatus that was semi-voluntary at best, it’s a huge step.

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