Madonna’s daughter Lourdes strips down in ‘Lock&Key’ music video

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes “Lola” Leon, left little to the imagination in the music video for her debut single, “Lock&Key,” which she released Wednesday under the name Lolahol.

The Eartheater-directed clip sees the 25-year-old star dancing and singing in a cemetery, on a beach and around New York City’s outer boroughs while dressed in some truly wild outfits.

Toward the end of the video, Leon writhes on the shore wearing nothing but a silver padlock-style necklace and tangle of ropes, performing splits and backbends on the sand with a fishing net wrapped around her waist.

Elsewhere in the clip, Leon crawls out of a car wearing silver sparkly pasties and a matching hooded minidress with a completely open front.

The glittery style even included a cutout in the back for the singer’s long, dark locks.

Lourdes Leon in her music video
The singer sparkled in silver pasties and a matching hooded mini.
Chemical X Records/YouTube

Leon rounded out her video wardrobe with a skintight neon pink dress covered in cutouts and sparkling stones, along with a graphic T-shirt paired with baggy black pants.

“I need to breathe / whisk me away / I need to breathe / nothing to say,” she sings in the new track.

Leon’s debut single comes nearly a year after she said she didn’t “care about” having a music career.

Lourdes Leon singing in her music video
Leon showed off her streetwear style in the clip.
Chemical X Records/YouTube

“As for music, I can sing. I just don’t care about it. Maybe it’s too close to home,” she told Interview in October.

In a 2021 interview with Vogue, the Material Girl’s daughter also said she’s not a “talentless rich kid who’s had everything given to her.”

Madonna and Lourdes Leon walking together
“People think I’m this talentless rich kid who’s had everything given to her, but I’m not,” Leon told Vogue last August.
GC Images

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