Rockstar rancher jumps ten spots on music charts

Brad Jenschke’s hit song, “Morning Rain” is climbing the Texas Country Music Top 100 charts. ALEX ARREZOLA | COURTESY PHOTO

Brad Jenschke’s hit song, “Morning Rain” is climbing the Texas Country Music Top 100 charts. ALEX ARREZOLA | COURTESY PHOTO

“…Who knows when it’ll rain again” is a lyric from Brad Jenschke’s new song, “Morning Rain,” and it’s a lyric we all can relate to right now. It’s climbing the Texas Country Music Top 100 charts at #79 last week, jumping ten spots.

Jenschke has performed in many venues for roughly seven years as a solo artist. In 2004, the country crooner got his first big taste of the stage during his senior year in a talent show in front of thousands of FFA members during the FFA State Convention. “My first few songs I recorded here at my house with a little machine called Zoom and a little eight-track recorder, and you know, it’s just homemade stuff. It was with my band,” Jenschke reminisced. Brad sang at Pleasanton’s Merry on Main and MC’ed the event. The Poteet native has also performed in his hometown during the Strawberry Festival almost every year since beginning his career and once opened for a favorite, Roger Creager. He’s now sponsored by a whiskey company, Milam and Greene, where he puts on shows once a month. Regarding future venues, Jenschke hopes to play at John T. Floore’s Country Store and Gruene Hall. He also dreams of playing at the AT&T Center in San Antonio.

He had a most memorable moment recently while in Fredericksburg, TX performing his song “Angel in a Cowboy Hat.” The crowd was moved to silence while listening. He recounted, “So I’m singing this song, and the crowd goes quiet. And it gets to the end, just like thunderous applause. This woman came up to me and thanked me so much for playing that song, how wonderful it was, and how much it meant to her because she had just lost her husband a few months before,” said Jenschke. She told me he was like her angel in a cowboy hat. “That was a touching moment. That’s the kind of stuff you live for as a musician. It’s not always about the money. It’s not about fame. Only when your music reaches out and touches people like that. That’s the best feeling you can get. Especially when you’re on stage, and something like that happens.”

The rockstar rancher drew inspiration from his hobby, fishing down at the Texas Coast, for his song, “West Texas Girl,” and from his daily life with his new song, “Morning Rain.” He said, “I write my music to talk about modern cowboys’ problems… my stuff is more about what goes on, on the ranch. The problems we have trying to raise hay and dealing with droughts, cattle prices, and just what really goes on out there in the fields versus what everybody tries to make glorious about rodeos and stuff. So that’s why my music is a little bit different.” Brad is releasing a new single with a more upbeat tune, “Drunk on Your Kiss,” this fall.

In this new era, Brad sees that having a great producer and radio promoter like Mack Damon makes a difference in his music. He advised the next generation, “Be able to take criticism and be willing to let other people help you, too… You can’t please everyone. One out of ten people who hear your song may like it, and the rest may not. Getting to one person out of ten people is the important part.”

“There’s just no substitute for good music. You have to be able to push yourself. And like I say, you can hire great people, great producers, and a radio promoter, but there’s no substitute for hard work and just good music. So those two things as an artist, you gotta have that dedication.”

Catch Brad Jenschke performing at Black Creek in Devine on Aug. 5 and the Tejas Rodeo Company on Sep. 17. You can also stream his music on You- Tube, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play.

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